Basic Comparison between Baseball and Softball


Baseball and softball are popular sports to watch and bet on , but many people are still confused between baseball and softball; here are the comparisons.


Baseball and softball are quiet difficult to follow if you are not a dedicated fan, but they are nevertheless popular. Many beginner fans are often confused between baseball and softball, and both indeed have a lot of similarities. However, there are still few differences between two games.


Baseball and Softball Similarities
Reasons why people often confuse the two are clear; both are played by nine-member team, and each team is alternate between offence and defense. Both are also played on a field that shaped like a diamond, and winning is achieved by getting more runs compared to the opponent team. The rules related to things such as strikeout, foul, force outs and fly outs are also similar, and they are treated as ways for defense players to get rid as many offense players as possible.

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How Baseball Team Plays Their Offensive Game


Baseball team plays in defense and offence, and if you want to follow the game, make sure you understand the game method.


Watching or betting on popular games like baseball means you must understand the game rules. A baseball team can play in offense and defense, and offense game is something you must really understand before you decide to be a true baseball fan, or even a baseball game bettor.


Baseball Team Offensive Play Method
A baseball team consists of nine players and each of them has his or her turn to hit the ball. The first player starts by attempting to hit the throw from pitcher in the middle of the field. If the player manages to do it, he or she is called ‘runner’ because the player must run the first base. If he or she manages to reach a safe base without getting put out, there the player must stay until the next player becomes runner. If that player is finally able to finish all bases, that means one ‘run’ or score.

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