The Free Agent Daily Rumor Digest: Monday 7/25

July 25th, 2011

Here is today’s rumor digest. If you want to find your team quickly, please type “control-f” followed by your favorite team’s city name.

If you know of any rumors that are not shown on here, feel free to e-mail me at with a Tweet/blog post showing substance of the rumor. We will link any e-mailed rumors to the sources we get: this can include personal blogs or Twitter accounts. As long as the source is credible, we will insert it into this post.

All of these comments are rumors, so please take them with a grain of salt.

This list will be updated throughout the day.


- EDIT: According to The Big Lead, the Kevin Kolb trade is a “done deal.

- I will say that IF the Cardinals do trade Rodgers-Cromartie for Kolb, Ike Taylor has been the guy rumored to be DRC’s replacement. And the signing would make a ton of sense. Whisenhunt is a Pittsburgh guy and has signed Steelers castoffs in the past (Bryant McFadden.)


- The Falcons appear to be poised to keep Tyson Clabo, a key component of their offensive line. (AJC)


- Carolina WR Steve Smith has said that he would love to be traded to the Ravens. He could fit there, for sure. (Charlotte Observer)

- With all of the Ravens’ cuts, they have to be poised to make a run at Nnamdi Asomugha. Not sure who else would make sense.


- According to Benjamin Allbright of NFLDraftMonsters, the Bills are doing “heavy-duty scouting” on Vince Young and rookie free agent Adam Froman.¬†Young fits Chan Gailey’s mold of a quarterback to an absolute “T,” while Froman has ample upside as a free agent. It would not surprise me if both players were brought in.


- The Panthers want to retain Charles Johnson, if at all possible. (AJC)

- Ray Edwards is also being considered by Carolina, although Philadelphia is the prohibitive favorite at this point. Could he be a potential replacement to Johnson, or a complement? Jerry Richardson has said that the team will be “very aggressive,” so we shall see what happens.


- The Bears apparently are putting feelers out toward WR Brad Smith, according to ESPN Chicago’s Michael Wright. Smith could be an interesting special-teams option as well as a receiving threat for the Bears.


- Bengal fans shouldn’t be surprised if they end up retaining cornerback Jonathan Joseph, if not only for financial reasons. The Bengals are going to be weak in the secondary to begin with, and they need to spend 46.8 million dollars to reach the salary floor.

- Chad Ochocinco looks as good as gone from the Bengals. Reports say that Ocho will be released by the end of the day.


- Some rumor mills are reporting that the Browns could look at WR Terrell Owens. I’m not sure that I buy it though. He isn’t a good fit for their scheme at all.


- With the cuts of Marc Colombo and Marion Barber, Dallas seems poised to make a big splash in this free agency period. The obvious target is Nnamdi Asomugha, but the Cowboys need to do more finagling of their contracts to make the numbers add up. ESPN Dallas’ Todd Archer has a great post on the subject.


- The Denver Post is reporting that the Broncos are looking for a complementary running back to Knowshon Moreno. Willis McGahee could be a fit, now that he is cut.


- I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Antonio Cromartie is a top target for Detroit, and I think it’s a really good fit.

Green Bay


- Nothing on the Nnamdi Asomugha to HOU front just yet, but if it makes Texans fans feel any better, he’s exactly the high-character player that they would pursue. Makes a ton of sense, but the Buccaneers look like they will be going after Nnamdi quickly and furiously.


- With Peyton Manning having injury troubles, do not be shocked if the Colts end up making some inquiries at the quarterback position this offseason. A guy like Trent Edwards could fall into their laps.


- Some (most notably SI’s Peter King) have said that the Jaguars could be very active during this FA period. No rumors on their end yet, but certainly a team to watch out for.

Kansas City


- The Dolphins apparently have some interest in Chad Ochocinco. However, at this point, I’d tab the Patriots to pick him up. Belichick loves him. The Dolphins are considering Brad Smith if they cannot get Ochocinco.

- Quarterback-wise, the good folks at NFLDraftMonsters are floating Kyle Orton as a potential starter/complement to Chad Henne. Based on past Dolphin tendencies, this would make sense. They love Big 10 players.


New England

- The Patriots seem to be a likely suitor for Chad Ochocinco. Belichick loves him, Ocho has repeatedly said that it is his dream to play there, and he could be had for a low price. Will be an interesting situation to monitor.

New Orleans

New York Giants

- The Giants could start their FA season off quickly. Apparently, they are targeting Falcons OLB Stephen Nicholas, and will pick him up as soon as they can. A report ran in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution today confirming as much. (AJC)

- I don’t think that the Giants are set at the RB position. Incarcerated Bob (of RotoInfo) is reporting that the Giants are set to make Ahmad Bradshaw a big offer, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a smokescreen. It seems out of character with their past expenditures. Bradshaw is an exceptionally valuable player, though, so we’ll see what happens.

New York Jets

- I’m seeing some of the Nnamdi Asomugha to the Jets rumors circulating Twitter, and while it’s possible, I don’t think it’s probable. The Jets are in a dire cap situation. If they sign Nnamdi, they would surrender Holmes, Edwards AND Cromartie.


- The Raiders are apparently the third team in on Ochocinco, along with MIA and NE.


- The Eagles won’t sign Brett Favre. Period. They like Mike Kafka. They could be in the market for a different backup if one becomes available, but they would be fine with Kafka at this point.

- The Eagles seem to like Vikings DE Ray Edwards, but I expect other teams to get involved in a bidding war for him. Still, connections have been made between PHI and the MIN DE. (AJC)


- Tiki Barber has said that he wants to go to either the Steelers or the Bucs. TB seems a bit more likely due to the brotherly connection, but PIT could be an interesting possibility.

- I don’t expect the Steelers to re-sign CB Ike Taylor, but stranger things have happened.

San Diego

- With the Ravens offloading a bunch of heady veteran players, Carolina’s Steve Smith could emerge as a very attainable target for Philip Rivers and the Chargers.

San Francisco


- The Seahawks could be a sleeper for Kevin Kolb. I’m still not so sure that ARZ’s interest isn’t an attempt to drive up his price.

St. Louis

Tampa Bay

- Tampa Bay, in the early going, has to be seen as one of the biggest potential buyers in free agency. In just a day, they have already been linked with CB Nnamdi Asomugha, WR Santonio Holmes and WR Braylon Edwards. They are looking to get to the next level in the difficult NFC South, and they have cap flexibility.

- Weirdest signing of the FA period? The Bucs going for Tiki Barber. It could happen though.


- The Titans seem set on pursuing Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck to mentor Jake Locker. However, they have also been attached to Kyle Orton in the past. He could also end up in the South.


- The Redskins have been attached to WR Santonio Holmes for some time now. No news if they will pounce yet, though. They seem fixated on the receiver position and Sidney Rice’s name has been bandied about as well.

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  1. Scott Sarley says:

    Copper- Re-signed 3 years
    C Jean-Phillipe Darche-hasn’t been a Chief for 2 seasons…?
    Ron Edwards-Signed 3 year contract with Carolina
    Travis Daniels- Re-signed
    Jon McGraw- Re-signed 1 year contract $810,000

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