In the Film Room: Oklahoma State vs Missouri

October 25th, 2011

NYJD Staff Writer: Matt Deem

Oklahoma State and Missouri featured some high-powered offenses, as well as some top 2012 NFL Draft prospects.

Here is what we saw from watching the tape.

We scouted the following players:

Brandon Weeden Senior QB Oklahoma State, Justin Blackmon Junior WR Oklahoma State, Jamie Blatnick Senior DE Oklahoma State

Henry Josey Sophomore RB Missouri, James Franklin Sophomore QB Missouri, Michael Egnew Senior TE Missouri, Dan Hoch Senior OL Missouri

1st Quarter
Hoch missed assignment led to 3 and out on 1st series on 3rd down
Weeden good throw on the run on a naked bootleg
Blackmon willing to go over the middle for short yardage
Weeden gets the ball out quickly in shotgun formation
Blatnick good stunting to make tackle on Josey for no gain
Blackmon good move to push DB inside then go back out toward the sideline for catch
Josey quick to the edge, not very good between the tackles so far
Weeden uses bubble screen well to substitute lack of run game early on
Weeden throws a nice deep back shoulder toss for 25 yards downfield
Blackmon drops a wide open 50 yard bomb that would have been a sure TD
Weeden good pocket presence, able to move in the pocket to avoid pressure
Blackmon very good over the middle once again for short yardage
Blackmon unstoppable on an 8yd inside slant for Touchdown
Franklin late downfield on pass nearly intercepted
Franklin overthrows open WR downfield on 3rd and 11
Weeden having a great game so far but WR drops are staling the high powered offense

2nd Quarter
Weeden hits wide open WR for 14 yard TD
Weeden sidesteps pressure to make nice throw down field
Right Tackle Hoch looks unimpressive at times, comes off ball quick but not very physical
Hoch seals edge on a nice 7 yard run on 1st down
Josey quick burst but cannot shed tackles
Franklin very athletic scrambles for 7 yards on broken pass play
Franklin runs read option to perfection for 13 yards
Missouri WR’s not getting open downfield only short check downs so far
Hoch nice seal block leads to 18yard TD run by Lawrence
Weeden and Blackmon connect on bubble screen for 7 yards
More drops for Oklahoma State in redzone cause offense to settle for field goal in the redzone
Franklin continues to spread out offense and run well
Josey runs behind pulling guards gain 8 yards, shows good patience
Josey big 23 yard run off option pitch from Franklin shows good speed
Franklin hits wide open WR TJ Moe on playaction pass
Missouri D starting to play better against Ok. State’s bubble screens and short passes over the middle

3rd Quarter
Weeden late on short pass broken up by DB on 2nd and 12
Another bubble screen completed for 9 yards by Ok. State
Pressure on Weeden leads to sack
More pressure from Missouri leads to Weeden being late on down field throw which was dropped by DB for possible interception
Franklin picks up 10 yards on designed QB run
Josey continues to have a nice game with a big 12 yd run off the edge
Blatnick crushes Franklin for sack and fumble for a 10 yd loss
Tipped ball by Blatnick leads to interception by D-Lineman Lewis
Weeden shows strong arm on timing patterns
Nice down field blocking leads Ok. State to big 25 yard rush
On 3rd and 4 at 5 yard Weeden forces ball into double coverage results in an interception returned to 50 yard line
Franklin throws bubbles screen to Egnew for 11 yards
Franklin stripped at 5 yard line on QB rush OSU recovers
Joseph Randle 59 yard rush up middle for TD

4TH Quarter
Blatnick comes off edge to tackle RB on 3rd and short
Franklin overthrows Egnew downfield, was open over the middle
Egnew picked up 9 yards on 3rd and 10 off screen pass
Josey picks up 1st down on 4th and 1 on run up the middle
Egnew picks up 6 yards off another screen pass shows good hands and gets up the field quick
Nice deep touch pass for 31 yards down field to 3yd line by Franklin
Franklin runs up the middle for 3 yard Touchdown
Another tipped ball at the line of scrimmage by Blatnick leads to another D-Line interception
Bad overthrow by Franklin into double coverage leads to another interception

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