In the Film Room: Kent State vs Central Michigan

November 15th, 2011
Jake Olson NFL Draft

Talented OL Jake Olson didn't play due to injury, but there were plenty of other potential NFL players to look at.

NYJD Staff Writer: Matt Deem

This was a great match-up between to very competitive but young football teams in the MAC conference.

Offensively both team’s quarterbacks are surrounded by very talented freshman and sophomores at the skill positions and defensively both teams have a few studs that have an opportunity to make it to the next level.

Ryan Radcliff – Junior Quarterback Central Michigan

– Early in the game he was inaccurate and his passes were all high and wide, which led to an early interception on a tipped ball in the 1st quarter.
– He missed a few open WR’s started 0-6 with an interception.
– Caught fire in the second quarter, threw a nice deep comeback pass for 22 yards, followed by a perfect fade jump ball in the back corner of the endzone for a touchdown on 3rd and goal.
– He is not a great athlete but shows pocket awareness, true pocket passer
– Made nice deep throw for touchdown late in second, ended half on a streak of 12-14 for 157yds and 2 Tds.
–His nice size (6’3 215lbs) makes him a potential draft pick next season, as he becomes more accurate I can see Ryan becoming a mid to late draft pick in 2013.

Jahleel Addae – Junior Safety Central Michigan

– Took a bad angle on the 85 yard catch and run TD pass in the first quarter, was beat and lacked the speed to catch the widereceiver.
– He has a tendency to wait and react rather than go on instincts and reading the play, which make him a step behind when coming up in the box to stop the run.
– He has fluid hips, good back pedal, needs to work on angles
–He is 5’11 195lbs. and has 4 interceptions this year, if he continues to improve could be a late round pick in 2013.

Jake Olson – Junior Right Tackle Central Michigan

– Jake missed this game with an upper body injury, but he is considered a top OL prospect in the NFL.
– His size is a big reason why scouts have paid so much attention, coming in at 6’8 300lbs he is a monster, and is very athletic. His stellar footwork set him apart from the rest, has the ability to mirror d-lineman with ease.
– His frame will allow him to add 10-15 more pounds and that will give him a better base and keep him from leaning so much.
–If Jake decides to come out he has the potential to be a second rounder, but once he gets in the combine he can either really shine or really fall, must show consistency to the scouts and GM’s.

Spencer Keith Junior Quarterback Kent State

–Spencer has been hovering around mediocrity his entire career, with spurts of brilliance and excitement.
–Good arm, hit WR on right sideline out route for 35 yards on a big 3rd and 17.
–Hit Terry for a 15 yard screen pass for a TD.
–Stood in pocket and was willing to take the hit to get the ball out on another 3rd and long for a completion.
–Erratic at times, needs to do more on 1st and 2nd downs, left his team in a lot of 3rd down attempts.
–He has good size and is a gutsy quarterback, needs much more improvement to get to the next level, with already 3 years of being the starter, he will have the experience scouts look for, but needs to take it to the next level.

Roosevelt Nix Sophomore Defensive Lineman Kent State

–Nix is a young stud at Defensive Line, as a true freshman he led the team in sacks with 10.0 last season, he is relatively short at 6’1 and only weighs 240lbs.
–He uses his spin move and hand combat skills to get away from the O-lineman rather than strength.
–Shows good speed, and agility when he tracked down the RB for a loss on a screen pass.
–Made a good move to get off the block, but missed the tackle on the RB which led to a long run.
– Needs to build strength, hasn’t showed consistency in getting penetration in the backfield
– He has 3.5 sacks this season and if he continues on this pace I can see him becoming a legitimate prospect for the 2013/2014 NFL draft.

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