In the Film Room: Vanderbilt vs Arkansas

November 2nd, 2011
Casey Hayward NFL Draft

Casey Hayward played well against top WR prospect Jarius Wright.

NYJD Staff Writer: Matt Deem

This was a great game – both young quarterbacks hung in there and battled the whole way through. Jordan Rogers’ feet kept Vandy in the game, while Wilson’s arm never let Arkansas fall to far behind. Both teams have good speed on defense and playmakers on offense.

Casey Hayward Senior CB Vandy
– Plays nice drop zone coverage, drops Interception.
–Back to Back deflections in 2nd quarter, nearly intercepted .
– Made great play downfield on man to man, another dropped Int.
– Keeps up well with Wright over the middle.

Chris Marve Senior LB Vandy
–Takes on fullback, still makes tackle for no gain.
– Good downfield coverage, nice hip movement.

Jordan Rogers Junior QB Vandy
–Good mobility allows him to avoid sack and run for 1st down.
– Stayed in pocket and took hit as he found open WR in redzone for TD.
– Mobility eludes another sack, able to throw accurate on run.
–Very accurate on throws between 10-15yds, not so much on downfield throws.
– 19 yard TD run, shows speed and toughness.
–Takes another hit in pocket as he throws a 39yd pass downfield, runs for 3yd TD.
– Very raw, but shows potential, only a junior shows promise.

Tyler Wilson Junior QB Arkansas
–Throws a nice catchable ball, good footwork .
– Was late on a few balls downfield, tendency to stare down WR’s.
– Very tough, willing to stay in pocket and take a hit to get the ball off.
– Ran impressive 2 minute offense before half, completed big 4th and 10, then nice short TD pass to Wright in back corner of end zone on a laser throw.

Jerry Franklin Senior LB Arkansas
–Big miss tackle on 3rd and 5, led to a big gain.
–Very athletic.
–Willing to stick his nose in to stop the run.
–Big play when he read the screen pass on 3rd down and made tackle for 5 yard loss.
–Made biggest play of game on 94 yard fumble recovery for a touchdown in the 4th quarter.

Jarius Wright Senior WR Arkansas
–Very speedy WR, runs very sharp routes.
–Willing to go over the middle.
– Caught big catch on 4th and 10 for 30 yards, led to a nice 11 yard TD on a back corner route right before half time.
–Had a great game with 10 catches for 135 yds.

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