Jets Interested in Tim Tebow?

March 21st, 2012
Tim Tebow Patriots

Could Tim Tebow ever figure out the Patriots? (Photo: Icon SMI)

NYJD Staff

After it was first reported that the Patriots may be the favorites to land Tim Tebow, there’s a couple of new leaders in play: the Jaguars and our New York Jets.

Reports have said that the Jets interests have “intensified” recently.

Now what does Tebow to the Jets mean? Is it just about headlines? Because it seems like that’s the last thing that the Jets need. If it’s not about headlines, then why extend Mark Sanchez just a couple weeks ago if they’re now looking to bring in another QB to compete with him?

If the Jets do trade for Tebow, I would expect the deal to be made for a late round pick, maybe a 5th or 6th rounder. It seems the Broncos aren’t looking to come close to matching the value his first round selection held just two years ago.
The biggest worry about Tebow to the Jets is what happens if Sanchez comes out of the gate struggling? Do fans start immediately clamoring for the QB that “just wins?” Does Sanchez, or Rex Ryan, or the organization in general get… booed?

Unless the plan is to use Tebow in a versatile role, I can’t see this working out successfully. I also tend to doubt how versatile Tebow could be in the NFL. He can run with the ball out of the backfield as a QB, but that doesn’t mean he has the elusiveness to take a handoff as a halfback. He has some power to his game, but he’s also 6-3, which is very tall for a power, up the middle kind of running back. He’s never had to block, catch or tackle, so the move to FB, TE, WR or defense could be a major project. Tebow is also fast for a quarterback, but that doesn’t mean he’s fast at any other position.

Overall, it’s entirely possible that Tebow could be a more successful QB than Sanchez, but after giving Sanchez the confidence and the extension, why now bring in Tebow to compete with him and destroy that confidence? Drew Stanton was the perfect player to bring in to push Sanchez. He’s a former 2nd round pick that has been 3rd string in Detroit for three years now. He’s an unknown, but from what we’ve seen in preseason, he’s more than capable if Sanchez gets hurt or seriously starts to struggle. He has upside, he’s athletic, etc.

The last thing about Tebow that makes little sense is that the rival Patriots seem to have his number better than anyone else. The Patriots defense is essentially built to stop Tebow. Strong against the run, good containment on the edge, zone defense that Tebow struggles to read. If the goal is to win the East, Tebow might not be the answer.

So what do you think Jets fans? Can Tebow offer something that I haven’t seen yet? Can he “fix” the Jets clubhouse? Will his mere presence have that “winning factor?”

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