Tim Tebow Lands With the New York Jets

March 21st, 2012

NYJD Staff

So the Jets went ahead and made it official today by trading away a 4th and 6th Round pick in 2012 for Tim Tebow and a 7th Round pick in 2012.

On paper this trade makes little sense, and as I think more and more about it, I still struggle to find an adequate answer to the question of ‘Why?’ however I think I’m getting closer.

What Tebow brings to our offense is an X-factor type effect. He can beat you in so many different ways it’s very hard to defend against him. He can throw the ball some, he can run the ball really well, but maybe his best trait is his pure will to win. If those of you reading this are like me you watched week after week last season in complete disbelief as Tebow somehow found the magic again to pull a win out of the depths of a loss.

How did he do that? I have no idea but that’s kind of my point. His ability to do anything and be unpredictable makes him tough for a defense to stop. Granted two of Tebow’s biggest losses came against division rivals but if Tebow has shown us anything it’s that he knows how to learn from his mistakes and will not make them again.
Now the question we all need to ask is how does Tebow fit? We just extended Sanchez and he is without a question the better pure QB option. I don’t think Tebow comes in and uproots Sanchez as the starter. If anything I think he will work to compliment Sanchez. Many analysts are going to say he’ll only be a wildcat QB but I see more. He’ll certainly be asked to use his legs plenty but his pass option off the wildcat situations is what could appeal to teams.

Imagine a situation like this with the Jets down three in the middle of the fourth quarter. The Jets drive is stalled facing a huge 3rd and 2 from its own 32. Tebow enters the game having seen 12 snaps prior to that and all being designed runs. He lines up in an empty backfield and it looks like another wildcat run. Instead after the ball is snapped Tebow fakes the dive and instead looks up to see a streaking Santonio Holmes over the middle where the safety should have been had he not been cheating up to stop the run. It’s a pitch and catch that even Tebow can hit and it goes for 6 easy points and the lead.

That is how Tebow fits this offense in my opinion, as a runner with some tangible QB skills. The Jets will need to be diligent to keep him involved in the game and to capitalize on when they see defenses cheating to try and stop him.

We paid a 4th and 6th round pick for this guy, our coaching staff better utilize him properly or else it could be the end for Rex Ryan and his staff. He’s here to stay now so I guess the only thing left to say is Go Tebow!?

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