2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Virginia Tech vs. Austin Peay

September 14th, 2012
Logan Thomas

(Photo: US Presswire)

By Ryan Alfieri, Editor

Evaluating games that big-time college programs against small schools is always difficult, simply because of the massive gap in talent between the two teams. Therefore, everything that is seen should be taken with a grain of salt.

That said, here are our scouting notes for the lopsided victory for Virginia Tech over Austin Peay.

Virginia Tech


QB Logan Thomas
- Looks to run when 1st read is not open.
- Good arm strength, especially when able to step into throws.
- Can be erratic, especially throwing high. Lazy footwork leads to errant throws, sometimes to wide open receivers.
- Flashes ability to put touch on the ball, dropping a pass between linebacker and safety for a touchdown.
- Can be lazy with footwork and not step into throws when he has time and space to do so.
- Makes some predetermined reads and locks onto one receiver.

Thomas looked sharper in his second game, but there are still lingering accuracy issues that need to be addressed. He was a bit sharper this time around, but the dropoff in competition from Georgia Tech to Austin Peay is rather significant.
However, he was able to flash the talented, strong arm that scouts drool over.

Overall, it is starting to look like an extra year in Blacksburg will do a whole lot of good for this talented but extremely raw prospect.

WR Marcus Davis
- Quick, explosive athlete with natural open-field running ability.
- Shows great balance and body control and balance when going for passes.
- A few drops, but many passes were high or contested balls.
- Very good after the catch making defenders miss.

Davis’ incredible athleticism is apparent, but Logan Thomas did not put him in a lot of good situations with his inaccuracy. If he can stay healthy, however, his stock will soar as Thomas becomes more consistent.

DE James Gayle
- Uses length well
- Strong bull rush
- Good foot movement to make a move inside, but took himself out of position to make a tackle.
- Gets hands tied up with a tight end
- A bit slow coming off the ball, but shows good bend off the edge.
- Hand placement a bit too high when engaging blockers
- Shows more explosion off the snap as the game goes on.
- Sets up inside move by stepping outside and shifting back inside, getting interior pressure.

Gale got better as the game went on and Austin Peay started to pass more. He’s not quite as consistent as one would like, but he has a good array of moves and plays with a high motor.

CB Kyle Fuller
- Good balance when coming off the line, sits comfortably in his stance.
- Has a good feel for routes when in zone.
- Keeps an eye on the quarterback while maintaining coverage.

This game was a tough evaluation for Fuller, who spent most of his time sitting in off coverage and waiting for errant passes to come his way. We will find out more about Fuller when Tech plays better competition.


Austin Peay


Devin Stark
- Huge frame for a small-school prospect
- Not overly explosive off the line, needs to build up speed.
- Rounds off routes.
- Big catching radius and leaping ability.
- Catches ball away from his body, natural “plucker”.

Stark never had a chance to make a big impact on this game because of horrendous quarterback play for the Governors, but he clearly has some enticing tools to work with. His frame and natural catching ability could vault him into being a draftable player.

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