Scouting Notes: Boston College Eagles vs. Miami Hurricanes

September 6th, 2012
Mike James

(Photo: US Presswire)

By Ryan Alfieri, Editor

This week’s film notes is on an ACC tilt between two programs trying to get back to former prominence. Both programs had a handful of players who did not play for injury reasons, but there was still some NFL-caliber talent on the field.

In fact, it was a freshman running back for Miami in Duke Johnson that stole the show, leading to a Miami victory.

Click below for the full notes from Saturday’s game.

Boston College

OLB Kevin Pierre-Louis 6’1 215* (no. 24)

- Very lean build, has the ideal size for a safety, not a linebacker.
- Spends most of his time in zone.
- Knocked around easy by up-field lineman.
- Made majority of line calls.
- Can run with tight ends and some receivers.
- Disguised same blitz twice in a row, able to get free run at QB both times.
- Physical, not afraid to throw his body around.

Pierre-Lewis is an ideal candidate to make a move to safety in the NFL. He is way too small to be a linebacker, even in the ACC. But Louis is physical and smart enough to be a project player.

OT Emmett Cleary 6’6 312 (no. 77)

- Feet look stif, gets hands up almost too quickly and unable to recover.
- Does not lean into blocks, but not quick on his feet either.
- Puts too much of his power into his upper body, therefore loses balance easily.
- Quick off the ball, but easily beaten with faster rushers.
- Great upper body strength allows him to move around smaller defenders trying to speed by.

Cleary was a bit frustrating to watch because while he did not give up much pressure, he was far too reliant on his upper body. While he was able to get the job down with his arms alone at times, he looked very stiff and almost appeared lazy at times. However, if he can learn how to drive with his legs better, he could make a run at being a guard in the NFL.

DT Kaleb Ramsey 6’3 288 (no. 96)

- Needs to stay lower when coming off the ball.
- Gets hands tied up in blocks.
- Relentless, constantly moving his feet to drive pressure.
- Lined up in the nose and 3-technique.
- Often double-teams, but never give up on plays. Used a late swim move to force incompletion.
- Lunges into blocks when tired.
- Good job extending hands into blocks without getting tied up.

Ramsey may not be the most physically dominant player on the field, but he is the typical “try-hard” guy who makes some plays with second efforts. He has some technique issues and a spotty injury history, he is not an easy man to move around in the middle of B.C.’s defense.





CB Brandon McGhee 6’0 190 (no. 21)

- Plays off coverage, good backpedal.
- First target of the game,  too quick to turn his hips, anticipates wrong route. Ball is deflected at the line, no completion.
- First play in zone coverage, quick to find his man.
- Take poor angle on run, results in a touchdown.
- In zone again, feels route while keeping eye on quarterback.
- Takes another poor angle on a tackle, almost shying away from contact, resulting in another touchdown.
- Slow to react off the line, almost losing his balance in his backpedal.
- Very quick feet, allows him to recover from false steps.
- Quick hip movement, going back and forth from square and turn positions.
- Gave up the most separations on slant routes, he needs to drive is outside foot harder into the ground when making cut to cover slants.
- Excellent job mirroring hips when covering deep routes.

McGhee is a bit of a mixed bag; he is at his best when covering speeds, downfield receivers, but struggles with inside routes, particularly slants. He flashes great technique, but needs to be more consistent.

RB Mike James 5’11 222 (no.5)

- Patient runner, waits for his hole to open.
- Shows good burst when it does open.
- Good blitz recognition picking up outside linebacker.
- Not going to break many tackles, does not push piles/get much yardage past contact.

James was overshadowed in this game by freshman phenom Duke Johnson, but James showed some burst in his debut. Looks to be a future third-down back in the NFL. However, he is not quite exceptional enough in one area to warrant a high pick at this point.


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