2013 Mock Draft: Mid-Season Edition

October 17th, 2012


Geno-Mania runs rampant, but another QB is #1 overall (Photo: US Presswire)

By Marc Sluis, Staff Writer

Last Updated: November 9th

1. Jacksonville Jaguars- Matt Barkley QB USC

Here was my story preseason and I’m sticking to it, with a minor correction. Yes, even despite Geno-Mania. Just to clarify this a prediction not my opinion on where prospects rank. “With another sub-par year from Gabbert and an anemic offensive effort even with MJD and an improved wide receiving corps, the Jaguars will jump at the chance to add an NFL ready signal-caller capable of helping immediately.  And help is what they’ll need. Barkley is a relatively low-risk prospect due to his intelligent, experience and character. I do think there will be some debate over whether Tyler Wilson or Logan Thomas Geno Smith should be selected instead, but with a lively new owner the coaching staff may feel pressure to win now and energize a dormant fan base. The best way to win now is to have a ready and capable signal-caller, which Barkley is.”

2. Cleveland Browns- Jarvis Jones OLB GEORGIA

I don’t really like anything about the Browns, besides Trent Richardson, Joe Thomas or Joe Haden, but I really like Johnathan Hankins. That being said I doubt the Browns take a guy with the upside yet inherent risk of Big Hank. He’s not a sure-thing and most would slot Lotulelei above him, but Hankins is a physical beast at 6’4 325 and capable of generating a pass rush with either  muscle or surprising athleticism. However, Jarvis Jones is a great fit in a 4-3 and some have compared his abilities at that spot to Von Miller. That is pretty high praise. Jones at first blush seems limited to coming wide off the edge and lacking power. Further examination reveals good range and coverage ability. Another good bet is of coarse a QB like Geno Smith, Barkley or Tyler Wilson but while Brandon Weeden has been anything but spectacular my gut says he’ll get a second year to prove himself.

3. Kansas City Chiefs- Geno Smith QB WEST VIRGINIA

When Matt Cassel was brought in with the rest of the Patriots transplants there was some optimism he could be good enough to lead a team given the chance. Well, he is hardly good or good enough even with a relatively solid roster surrounding him and by taking one of the talented prospects available the Chiefs can instantly get better and don’t even need to hit reset. With pieces in place like Jamaal Charles, Dwayne Bowe, OT Eric Winston, Kevin Boss and Tony Moeaki, Smith can pick up where he left off in Morgantown, scotching defenses.

4. St. Louis Rams- Luke Joeckel OT TEXAS A&M

Sam Bradford is very talented and looks much worse than he is because the Rams offensive line simply can’t keep him off his back. I’ve been a huge Joeckel fan for a while now, but that’s not saying much as he is now being touted by many as the best offensive line prospect in the draft. He is athletic and effortless in his backpedal making him a candidate to be a franchise left tackle, which is exactly what could unlock Bradford’s potential. Joeckel isn’t a stellar power run blocker, but nowadays that is a secondary duty.

5. Indianapolis Colts- Johnathan Hankins DT OSU

After using most of their early picks on offense last year, Indy will try to add some young talented players to build their defense. Expect Dwight Freeney to say “so long” after the season opening up a spot at the 3-4 OLB that Freeney may or may not be thrilled with playing. Jarvis Jones’ stock is soaring after a great start to the year and is turning the doubters (me included) into believers. It’s not that he isn’t a blur off the edge with sideline-to-sideline range, it’s just that his frame puts some limitations on his game. If available the Colt’s brass could opt for Jones, but I really don’t see him as a great fit for the OLB spot in a 3-4 considering his 6’2 235 frame. Hankins is simply a beast with a potent blend of brute strength and athleticism. He could play NT or DE and while he is better suited for a 4-3, he has the size and penetration ability that is a less traditional skill-set for a 3-4 linemen, but becoming more and more valued.

6. Miami Dolphins- Robert Woods WR USC

Ryan Tannehill and Brian Hartline are making a case for the best quarterback/wide receiver duo in the league… okay that might be stretching it quite a bit. Hartline is proving he’s a starter but anything beyond that is debatable. The defense is clearly ahead of the offense so their pick will almost certainly be on the offensive side of the ball. Personally I give the slight nod to Keenan Allen as the best wide receiver prospect, but adding Woods gives the Fish a big-play threat to team with their young QB.

7. Tennessee Titans- Chance Warmack OG ALABAMA

The Titans have a lot of problems on offense. Jake Locker has been out of the line up and Chris Johnson might as well be too with some of his lackluster performances. One way to improve on both those fronts is to upgrade the offensive line, which has a big hand in determining their success. Chance Warmack is a lights out OG prospect and will have company in the first round with at least one of his current line-mates.

8. New York Jets- Sam Montgomery DE/OLB LSU

Rex Ryan will love Montgomery’s motor and raw talent as well as his proven ability to rush the passer. With Montgomery’s athleticism he has the abilities to convert to a rush end OLB and line up at several spots around the field. His only real flaw at this point is the lack of bulk on his frame, but as a stand-up edge rusher his size will be masked by his speed and energy. In some ways Montgomery is similar to Coples, the Jets 2012 first rounder, being that he is supremely athletic but very raw. Montgomery though has been productive and gives 100% on every play, something Coples couldn’t say with a straight face. Some fans will be clamoring for a RT or QB, but the latter also suggests that the team is heading more toward the rebuilding stage than contention stage. That just doesn’t sound like Rex Ryan to me.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Star Lotulelei DT UTAH

With a very talented crop of defensive lineman in this year’s draft, teams with early picks will have their choice of several potential difference makers in the front four. The Bucs will be happy to add another DT who is both massive and agile. Lotulelei could play a variety of positions and will give Tampa Bay a force inside next to slightly underachieving but talented former first-rounder Gerald McCoy.

10. Oakland Raiders- Barkevious Mingo OLB/DE LSU

Oakland’s front office has been remade and clearly guided by different philosophies than in past years. They seem to be more logical as opposed to flashy and the smart move would be to draft value and the 6’5 speedster would be a steal at this spot. He has all the physical gifts of a pass rushing specialist, but needs to improve his consistency and add some weight to his long but thin frame.

11. Buffalo Bills- Tyler Wilson QB ARKANSAS

The Bills have to be thoroughly disappointed will the start to this season. Bringing in big money defenders has failed to bolster a lackluster and frankly surprisingly below average defense. Another failure was signing Ryan Fitz-Magic (or Fitz-Tragic) to a big money deal after such a minimal sample size. Tyler Wilson is a battle-tested warrior with the arm and gun-slinger mentality that at least in those respects is similar to Brett Favre and will surely get the fan base energized again.

12. St. Louis Rams (from Washington)- Keenan Allen WR CAL

Sam Bradford is clearly the future and to guarantee he gives the team a bright one you have to do two things: protect him and give him weapons. After drafting Joeckel earlier they should look to add a 6’3 wide out with the ball skills to high point and snatch the ball and the change of direction agility to pick up yards after the catch.

13. Seattle Seahawks- Justin Hunter WR TENNESSEE

Seattle’s defense has been solid so far making the great Aaron Rodgers look as frustrated as when he sees BJ Raji stealing his discount double check move. Russell Wilson has proven he is at least deserving of leading a team while he learns and improves further. Unfortunately he has no reliable targets to throw to, unless Sidney Rice stays healthy. Drafting an incredibly gifted WR with the entire package (height, speed and hands) could form a potent combination and new offensive buddy for a young quarterback.

14. Carolina Panthers- Dee Milliner CB ALABAMA

It’s clear the Panthers aren’t at the point where they can contend just yet in the Cam Newton era. Giving him some more weapons is definitely a priority, but adding a stud corner to pair with Chris Gamble is too intriguing to pass up on. Dee Milliner is the complete package at corner. If Hankins slips expect the Panthers to pounce as they need help along side Charles Johnson.

15. New Orleans Saints- Bjoern Werner DE FSU

Whether the disarray among the coaching staff permeating throughout the locker room is the problem or not the defense is in need of repair. Everyone is loving up Bjoern Werner as he has been impressive for the ‘Noles displaying both power and athleticism. I’m not completely sold on him being a top pick and potential star at the next level, but he is a monster who will help the Saints on defense.

16. Minnesota Vikings- Kawann Short DT PURDUE

The Vikings defense has carried them to some big wins. To take it to the next level you need to live in the opponent’s backfield and pressure the quarterback. Jared Allen is still among the best, but to take the attention off they could add an active and strong Short with the ability to beat lineman and penetrate.

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