Darrelle Revis Injury: Can He Return to Dominance by 2013?

October 16th, 2012

(Photo: US Presswire)

By Ryan Alfieri, Editor

No matter where the Jets end up this season, one of the biggest issues facing the Jets beyond 2012 is the fate of Darrelle Revis, both in terms of how well he can play and how his tenuous contract situation will play out.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Revis acknowledged that he will have to prove himself to the Jets in 2013 before the Jets sign him to the massive extension he was in line for. ACL tears have been known to linger throughout some players careers, and some have never been the same since tearing it.

Revis is set to have surgery today, October 16th. He said he expects to start jogging in 12-16 weeks. Can he return to his legendary level of play in time for the 2013 season?

The good news is, there have been a lot of players as of late that have come back just as strong, if not stronger, after tearing their ACL. Wes Welker is arguably a better player now after tearing it in in the last week of 2009. However, it took him about another full season to fully recover.

Adrian Peterson, who tore his in the middle of 2011, looks stronger with every week. Rashard Mendenhall looked like the same runner last week against the Eagles.

The fact that Revis tore it in the third week of the season gives Revis a huge head start to return. Every extra week of rehab is vital, and assuming all goes well, he should be able to return by the start of the next season. The question is whether or not he will be the same old Revis when that happens.

In the same aforementioned article, Rich Cimini reports that there was no additional damage in Revis’ knee.

Kristen Dyer of The Metro reveals some details of ACL tears in a conversation with a doctor:

“For the weeks leading up to surgical reconstruction, the athlete works on an ACL ‘pre-hab’ protocol, which emphasizes quadriceps strengthening, regaining near normal range of motion and gait training,” said Carey.

The same doctor Carey was involved in a study in which 21 percent of all players who had an ACL injury did not return to the field and from the remaining 79 percent it took anywhere from nine to 12 months to recover.

Given the fact that Revis is an elite athlete, I would tend to put him in the 9-month range. However, the same study said performance after surgery dropped by as much as one-third. Players complain of not being able to feel their knee’s presence as they used to.

A hard, long road to recovery awaits Revis over the next year, but I would have a hard time betting against Revis to make it back to being his old, dominant self.


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