New York Jets: Time to Shine for Jonathan Grimes

October 21st, 2012

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By Shane Hewitt, Staff Writer

With injuries to both Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight in last week’s win over the Colts the Jets runningback position took a major hit in depth.

So who is the number two guy? With Rex alluding that Tim Tebow could line up as runningback this week that is a possibility. But the real responsibility falls to Jonathan Grimes.

Grimes, a local from New Jersey attended William & Mary where he led the nation in all-purpose yards as a senior. Throughout college Grimes averaged 94 yards per game with a 4.8 yard per carry.

When he didn’t receive an invite to the combine, Grimes would go undrafted and later signed by the Texans as an undrafted free agent.

Competing against the veteran, Justin Forsett, for the third running back on the roster, Grimes rushed for 28 times for 130 yards and a 4.6 average during the preseason but it wasn’t enough to land him on the team.

After clearing waivers on cut day including a conditional waiver claim the Jets put in, which they withdrew, Grimes signed with the Texans practice squad. As the Jets running game continued to struggle through the first few games the Jets decided to snatch him up.

Grimes has a nice initial burst of speed but if his 4.53 forty at his pro-day indicates anything is that he might lack that breakaway speed to take it to the house.

That being said, Grimes has showed great quickness and agility to make a man miss and enough strength in that 5’10, 209 lb body to break a tackle. He also has solid hands and could be a viable option in the passing game.

With Greene and the Jets coming off their best day running the ball, they’re going to need more than a backup quarterback to continue that success. Right now Grimes is that guy, game time is when we will see if he is the guy.


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One Response to “New York Jets: Time to Shine for Jonathan Grimes”

  1. JetOrange says:

    A couple of thoughts. Playing time may depend on how well Grimes pass blocks. Certainly Powell got his reps by becoming a very good pass blocker. Hilliard may have earned more trust, and will get his reps. What I like about Grimes is his pass catching ability, gives Sanchez a good check down guy, see the Jets passing 40 times against the Pats, Jonathan may get a few opprotunities. Next week the Jets play the Dolphins, we could see Grimes runnng ability at that time, then the BYE , everybody is healthy, and Grimes window of of opprotunity closes a bit. Important two weeks for JS

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