2013 NFL Draft: Multi-Positional Prospects

November 7th, 2012

Jordan Reed offers Aaron Hernadez-like versatility for the Gators (Photo: US Presswire)


By Marc Sluis, Staff Writer

Call them adaptable or in some cases ‘tweener, but these guys can line up at multiple positions and give coordinators schematic versatility. Some are defenders who have the athleticism of one position but the body of another or simply talented enough to be effective at several positions. Positional versatility is a highly valued trait, just ask Bill Belichick. The future Hall of Fame coach loves guys that he can slot at several areas on the field and is known for playing wide receivers at corner or defensive tackles at fullback. Wide receiver Troy Brown, with almost no defensive experience, famously show action as a cornerback in crucial games and recently guys like Julian Edelman and Aaron Hernandez have been used in a variety of ways.


 1. Barrett Jones ALABAMA 6’5 311

Possible Positions: G, C, T


Jones has not only been a blocked for two different Heisman candidates (one winner), but has played at virtually every possible spot on those dominating Bama lines. Jones isn’t a can’t miss prospects at any of those spots specifically, but given that he can more than productive enough at all of them he has tremendous value.


2. Sam Montgomery LSU 6’5 260)

Possible Positions: 4-3 DE, 3-4 OLB


Montgomeryhas the size and athleticism that makes him very adaptable position-wise. If he bulks up a bit he could play as a DE in a 4-3, but seems tailor-made to play as a 3-4 outside linebacker. Other players like Jarvis Jones, who can also fit in several roles, may have a higher overall grade but have one position they fit best.Montgomeryreally could play either just as well. He may not have a concrete position, but his infectious energy and athleticism makes him a force, while being the versatile talent defensive coaches can mold into what fits their system. His overall talent level (possible top 10 selection) earns him the top mark.


3. David Amerson NC STATE 6’3 194

Possible Positions: CB, S, KR, PR


Very few players’ stock has plummeted like Amerson’s going from Mel Kiper’s preseason top 5 to out of first round consideration on most mock drafts. Despite that nose dive in prospect rankings, Amerson still has NFL skills as a defensive back. Personally, I think he could make a smooth transition to safety where his insane ball-hawking skills and terrific height would be front and center while also masking his propensity to get beat deep on double moves. He even has the athleticism to return kicks as shown by his ability to run back interceptions for big gains.


4. Philip Lutzenkirchen AURBURN 6’5 250

Possible Positions: TE, H-back, Fullback, WR


Lutzenkirchen, while not spectacularly talented, could be the most versatile player in the entire draft. He is a solid tight end prospect with good blocking ability and enough athleticism to contribute as a receiver who also lines up in the backfield as a fullback. He may not be a freak athlete, but can serve many purposes from many positions and seems like a Bill Belichick prototype player.



5. Jordan Reed FLORIDA 6’3 240

Possible Positions: TE, H-back, WR


Reed has a good blend of power and athleticism making him versatile enough to make plays after catching the ball and move well in space as a blocker. He should be able to make an impact and earn playing time by seeing action in several offensive roles.


6. Tyrann Mathieu LSU/None 5’9 175

Possible Positions: CB, S, KR, PR


Mathieu has put himself in a real tough spot, going from a potential Heisman contender and breakout college star to out of football and scrambling to get his life in order. His drug issues has clouded his future and put in question both his maturity and decision making. As far as his football skills he has some serious talent. The Honey Badger is under-sized at 5’9 175 but his game makes a big impression. Mathieu plays with an energy that permeates throughout the entire defense. He takes some risks but comes up with game changing interceptions, forced fumbles and sacks. He also is a truly dynamic return man with speed and superior change of direction and elusiveness that brings underrated value to his game.


7. Kenny Tate MARYLAND 6’4 230

Possible Positions: 4-3 OLB, S


Tate has an impressive physique and rangy frame that looks pro material; he just needs to find a position. He has been anything but dominant in his collegiate career thus far, but guys with his body and athleticism will always generate attention.


8. Khaseem Green RUTGERS 6’1 230

Possible Positions: 4-3 OLB, S


Green is a big time playmaker for the Scarlet Knights and covers ground very quickly. In college he can get away with being an undersized linebacker and use his quickness and athleticism to find the ball, but he could be exposed at that spot in the pros especially in running situations. A move to safety may necessary as I don’t see the physicality needed at the linebacker spot.

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