New York Jets Updated Team Needs

November 27th, 2012
Stephen Hill

The receiver group must be upgraded in the offseason. (Photo: US Presswire)

By Ryan Alfieri, Editor

As this (dismal) season has progressed, we now have a nearly-full grasp of what the biggest needs on the team are and their relative importance.

Of course, many of these needs are dependent on who Mike Tannenbaum decides to keep after the season (assuming these decisions are still Mr. T’s to make by the end of the season).

Wide Receiver: This group has vaulted to the top of the list. The injury to Santonio Holmes has exposed the extreme lack of depth at the position. Outside of Jeremy Kerley, no one in this unit can get open with any consistency. Stephen Hill has struggled with drops and getting separation.

Outside Linebacker: The defense has managed to maintain effectiveness without Darrelle Revis, but this linebacking corps is as old and slow as any position. Bryan Thomas and Calvin Pace are invisible as pass rushers. If the Jets can add a good rusher in a deep draft for such players, this defense has a chance to be special.

Running Back: I would bet against the Jets resigning Shonn Greene after season’s end, which could only upgrade the position in the long run. Bilal Powell has looked good in limited action, but the Jets need a more talented back to be the centerpiece of their “Ground and Pound” offense.

Quarterback: In his four years as a Jet, Mark Sanchez has been beyond inconsistent. His supporting cast may be the worst group in the NFL, but he continues to make catastrophic plays on a regular basis to put his team in a hole. His inability to get over rookie mistakes as a veteran may be enough for the Jets to decide to move on.

Right Tackle: Austin Howard has been good enough to win with, but he is a replaceable player. However, given the sheer amount of needs on this American Football team, this position can be put on the back burner for another season.

Safety: LaRon Landry and Yeremiah Bell have played well this season, but both players are on 1-year contracts and not getting any younger. The Jets do have Josh Bush waiting in the wings, but he is largely unproven.

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6 Responses to “New York Jets Updated Team Needs”

  1. Dan says:

    I agree with your points, for the most part at least. I’ll list what I think are areas of most importance (with both free agency and draft) and how I think we should improve them. I’m also not going to lie but I don’t know much about college players and basically I’ve gathered all my info from other sources talking about them. If I’m wrong about one of them feel free to correct me because I’ve never really watched anyone actually play.

    Offensive Lineman (either guard or tackle)
    Wide Receiver
    Running Back

    OL: A big problem coming up is the OL. Howard has done a good job but he’s not good enough yet. I really liked his upgrade over Hunter (just as every single person with some sort of common sense did) and I think he’d be perfect for adding depth and situational use. He’s young so that’s the best part. I don;t know much about OL b/c they’re hardly talked about, but I think there’s a couple FA otherwise the draft has a couple. The problem is those college players that are good enough will fall 1st or maybe 2nd. There’s also the uard problem. Brandon Moore is good but aging and Matt Slauson is kind of bad. Vlad’s slowly taking over for him as starter but I’m not sure he’s the best choice. Maybe we should think of finding someone else, not sure if we’d use FA or draft though.

    WR: I completely agree with everything you said so I won’t bother repeating it. Honestly, I feel like we should get rid of Holmes but only if we can find a sure #1 WR. I think we should look for FA for this because we have 2 young WRs in Kerley and Hill (who really needs improvement, which hopefully he will). Someone like Greg Jennings or Dwayne Bowe are hitting FA and most likely leaving their teams. I think we should really try and get Jennings as long as he doesn’t ask for too much. Hopefully his injury brought down his stock but also kept him a good WR. WR is the deepest position in the draft so if we had to we could get a solid mid-late round pick that wouldn’t waste a very early one.

    LB: Once again, agree completely with what you said. I honestly feel like we should get either a LB or OL in the first round of the draft, both granted we do a good job during FA. This has been our weakest spot on defense and while we have many more offensive needs than defensive, this position is desperately needed. Also because the offense isn’t doing too well the defense is forced to stay on for much longer, and as a result these old and already slow linebackers are made much much slower.

    S: I think because Landry hasn’t gotten an injury yet (knock on wood), the Jets will resign him for at least a few years. He’s 28/29 so he definitely has at least 5 years of good play left in him. Bell, while good this year, is already 34 and unless the Jets can’t find someone to replace him, he should be let go. He should get at most a 1 year deal. The Jets need a safety that’s good at coverage which Landry doesn’t really seem to be. He’s a hard hitter and I love every hit he makes, but we need someone who can really stop the Gronks out there before they can catch the ball. Not sure where we’d get this from.

    RB: We don’t have a very good RB, Powell would be decent and maybe good enough. Honestly, we have more pressing issues. Teams don’t win with a RB unless it’s an Adrian Peterson player. Earlier in the season I felt like we should get Steven Jackson because it seems like the Rams were parting ways with him and we could at least use him in a Tomlinson like way. I don’t know what the situation is like there now though. If we meet other needs in FA then we should draft a RB in 3rd/4th round but not throw it away like we did this year with every damn pick.

    QB: Don;t get me wrong Sanchez has played like crap this year. I didn’t put it on the bottom of the list for that reason. I did because a) there aren’t many better options b) because of his contract, Sanchez will most likely be here next year (and also because Ryan and Tannenbaum would want him to start regardless) and c) if we fix other problems we desperately need to fix, Sanchez’s performance will improve. He isn’t the franchise quarterback we need, but we should give him one more year before booting him. First off, fire Matt Cavanuagh. He’s a terrible QB coach and a good reason why Sanchez hasn’t developed. Getting an OL will give Sanchez more time to pass and fewer sacks (followed by stupid fumbles). Having a better RB will allow Sanchez to effectively run the PA which he works best with. Having a better WR is well, obvious. We need someone who can run routes AND catch the ball. Defensive players won’t have much of an impact on Sanchez’s play, but it can get more TOs and more stops thereby giving him more time to perform. If we can get all of these things and Sanchez is still not performing, then we know for sure that he won’t get any better and should replace him immediately. Replacing him when everything is going wrong for the Jets doesn’t show the big problem at QB. If he does well next year with a better team then maybe he really can progress. Who knows.

    So that’s my analysis of the Jets’ biggest needs. Took me about an hour to write but it was worth it! Let me know what you think about my ideas.

    • RyanAlfieri says:

      The only thing I disagree with is with the OL. The protection been good for the most part, and teams are stacking the box. Adding a WR or RB will do wonders for it.

      • Dan says:

        OL Ive always been ont he edge about. Ive really liked Howard and trust him to do a pretty good job for the coming years when he gets more play time, but I wonder if an upgrade anywhere on the line (DBrick is getting old and losing his talent) would help out Sanchez a lot (or any QB we ever get). I feel like if we want to get a new QB in 2014 Draft then we should upgrade our line, that way by the time he comes he can develop better.

  2. Pete says:

    I agree with the needs but I feel this defense has been so hamstrung by the lack of a pass rush that we definitely have to take one of these stud DE/OLB hybrids in the first round…I personally would love Damontre Moore to be our pick but I’d be fine with Mingo, Montgomery or Jones…

    Then I think we just take the best available at our positions of need the rest of the draft but we def need to improve at WR, RB, S, OT & QB (maybe mid to late rounder)

    Other positions to consider: OG (which will probably be Ducasse and Slauson (if re-signed) starting next year), TE (Keller should probably be let go unless he comes relatively cheap, too much of a cap hit to tag him), FB (probably can find one easy in late rounds or undrafted pool), K (if we let Folk walk), possibly ILB if Te’o is there for us in the 1st and Harris’ play has been down this year so may be a good idea to add depth either way, also we have a big question mark at NT (unless we think Ellis can stay healthy and replace Po’uha b/c idk if he’ll be back for sure with his lingering injury and large salary), could also use some depth at 3-4 end if we let DeVito walk…so basically we have needs everywhere besides Center and Cornerback

  3. Mac says:

    ok gents… only Bmore has won the show with a serviceable QB. I will point out the goal is the Lombardi trophy-PERIOD. So, dump no.6 and lets get a FA QB that wants to lead and work for his job in NY. That said, niners will be shopping 1 by years end. Jacksonville will draft another so Henne will be available too..nice, big, strong, leader who, wants to win.
    Second, 1st round picks should be pro bowl worthy.. Chance Warmack..Done. No talk or Discussion. He starts, others compete for a job. Vlad, go back to umass, pick a new major.
    Third, 2nd and 3rd rounds belong to skill players. RB or TE or both. Lacy- alabama and barnes- oregon, my personal favorite is Gillislee- Florida !!! TE is the guy from that school in Indiana with the gold helmets. He is a stud, big, strong,LEADER OF MEN, go to guy- time and time again.
    Fourth, 4th and 5th rounds go to Yes, skill players because we have none… Hungry, Seniors who wants to hit some one in the mouth..Pick em from the SEC..or THE U. We need some nasty…men ready to kick butt and pay some fines… just saying…

  4. skull says:

    jets need a pass rusher first and foremost,in round 1. second round flucker o.t. alabama, more howard to b/u jumbo t.e. 3rd round t.e. from ucla furia real good in line guy who can block has good speed and great hands, also 6’6″, 4th round maybe just maybe tyler bray q.b. from tennesee.after that anything goes

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