2013 NFL Draft: Taking a Look at the Top 3 RB Prospects

December 6th, 2012

Joseph Randle is a truly complete back (Photo: US Presswire)

By Marc Sluis, Staff Writer

The running back position isn’t the Jets top priority, but is definitely a need come draft time. These guys are the cream of the crop and could be on the radar, especially if they fall into day two or three.

1. Joseph Randle OKLAHOMA ST

6’1 200

Weaknesses: Lacks bulk on a frame with a high center of gravity, not a sharp stop and start type. Often ran through gaping holes in the Cowboys spread attack.

Strengths: Randle is so smooth in changing directions that he seems to glide. He has the burst to exploit even small openings and shows terrific vision. He’s not an overpowering back, but will surprise defenders with his aggressiveness. With his receiving skills and ability to block makes him a complete back and an ideal third down option.


The Take Home: A comprehensive skill-set with very little flaws. He loses no speed changing directions, can stick a block and burn you catching it out of the backfield.


2. Andre Ellington CLEMSON

5’10 190

Weaknesses: He won’t run over anybody and his light frame brings his long term durability into question.

Strengths: He’s very explosive, with elite speed and acceleration as well as impressive overall athleticism. Much improved inside running increases the number of carries he can give you and an expanded, more complete role.

The Take Home: In years past he would be behind more complete and powerful backs, but in today’s league his speed and explosive potential is even more valued.


3. Eddie Lacy ALABAMA

6’0 220

Weaknesses: Lacks the big play potential of quicker backs and is an average receiving threat.

Strengths: Lacy is an extremely powerful downhill runner with tremendous leg drive and forward momentum. He breaks tackles with his strength and physicality with solid overall athleticism.

The Take Home: Lacy is a grinder with exceptional short yardage value and his running style takes a toll on the defense.

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2 Responses to “2013 NFL Draft: Taking a Look at the Top 3 RB Prospects”

  1. Mac says:

    Gillislee…. enough said… he will be the best in the class by years end..

    • MarcS says:

      I’m very high on him too, and really struggled on whether or not to put him in the top 3. I even had him at #2 before changing it. Gillislee is not only fast and physical, but also productive in the defensively stout SEC.

      So, yes a great point, and I wouldn’t be surprised it that is in fact true.

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