Why The New York Jets Should Start Greg McElroy for the Rest of the Season

December 3rd, 2012
Greg  Mcelroy

Greg McElroy is a better fit for what the Jets want to do on offense. (Photo: US Presswire)

By Ryan Alfieri, Editor

After Rex Ryan’s decision to bench Mark Sanchez in favor of Greg McElroy in yesterday’s win over Arizona, there will be a much-heated debate in New York as to who the starting quarterback should be for the rest of the season.

McElroy was able to lead the Jets to the go-ahead touchdown when he was put in the game, but he hardly made any spectacular plays in the process. However, McElroy managed the game to perfection and did made just enough plays to come away with the win.

There is no doubt that Mark Sanchez is a more talented passer. He has much more experience and has won a few big games with the Jets. However, he has made a mountain of costly errors this season that the Jets are simply not built to overcome.

What Rex Ryan wants out of his quarterback is a smart, situationally-aware player that makes the throws when needed, but does not put the game and season in jeopardy with careless errors. If the infamous butt fumble is of any evidence, Mark Sanchez’s ball security issues simply does not make him a good fit for the Jets offense.

On the other hand, Greg McElroy’s strength is his cerebral ability and ability to manage a game. McElroy played for an Alabama team that was as talented as any other team in college football, and he minimized his impact on the game while the Tide won national championships.

Rex Ryan wants to minimize the impact of his quarterback with a strong running game and defense. Because of Mark Sanchez’s habit of making costly mistakes, he does anything but minimize the impact of the quarterback position.

Just like any other schematic or philosophical fit, McElroy is simply a better fit for what the Jets want to do on offense than Mark Sanchez, even if Sanchez has a stronger arm.

Sanchez can win games with the Jets moving forward, as he has proven that in the past. But the Jets have new life with McElroy at the helm without having to hear the boo birds every time they step onto the field. Rex may be tempted to revert to Sanchez, a player he has reached great heights with, next week, but McElroy is simply the better fit for the Jets from a schematic and philosophical standpoint.

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