2013 Free Agency Targets: Breaking Down Matt Flynn on Film

January 5th, 2013
Matt Flynn

Could Matt Flynn be the Jets starting quarterback next year? (Photo: US Presswire)

By Connor Rogers, Staff Writer

Matt Flynn is the notorious former Green Bay Packer who lit up the field in garbage time and scored a big contract in free agency with the Seattle Seahawks. Although Flynn lost a camp competition to the surprising rookie Russell Wilson, he’ll still be a hot commodity in the offseason thanksĀ to a poor quarterback class in the draft and many teams desperate for better play at the position.

Whoever ends up taking Mike Tannenbaum’s place as Jet’s general manager will look at many options to keep Mark Sanchez on the bench or on another team entirely. After watching tape on both of Flynn’s starts (one against Detroit and one against New England) I’ve broken down his positive’s and negatives.


-Unlike Mark Sanchez, Flynn has displayed very good vision down the field. He keeps his head on a swivel and doesn’t over project where he’s throwing. The Packers run a very high powered passing offense and Flynn stepped in and ran it successfully. A majority of his touchdown’s were beautiful deep balls that hit their target’s in stride.

-His awareness on inside throws (mainly slants) is excellent. In the redzone, unlike Sanchez, he threw the ball right into the receivers chest through defenders.

-When forced to move from the pocket, his throw on the run were spot on and smart.



-Flynn hasn’t played enough to show he can handle the starting role and lost the only camp competition he’s ever been in to a rookie. Wilson has played very well but Flynn didn’t seem to even give him a run for his money in the preseason.

-He lit up the Lions in a meaningless game. Their secondary is and has been awful for years. He lost to the Patriots who also have a poor secondary. I’d be worried seeing him play against strong defenses in meaningful match ups.

-How would the Jets acquire him? Sanchez’s cap hit is brutal and I highly doubt the Seahawks would take him in a one on one swap. If they did swap the two, the Jets would have to throw in a decent draft pick (we need all the picks we can get this year).

-He doesn’t solve a “need” completely. If you go with an unproven option like Flynn you must take a quarterback in the middle rounds and open up a camp competition. Strategies like these rarely pay off in the long run, unless you find a Russell Wilson and surround him with excellent talent.


Final Thoughts:

The Jets are in a tough spot this offseason when it comes to quarterback. Sanchez is a proven failure and will be very tough to move. Flynn is a possibility but he’s not even a proven commodity. The Jets need to make moves that are almost guaranteed safe choices at this point, a main reason why I’ve pushed for them to draft offensive line in the first round (the tackles are excellent this year). While the thought of Flynn doesn’t intrigue me, I’d prefer him over the likes of Matt Moore, Mike Vick, etc.

Most importantly, the Jets really need to have a plan at quarterback before the draft. If they go into next season with a game manager, they must draft playmakers and offensive linemen early and often. This offense will be abysmal yet again if they don’t have a serious blue print for next year and for the future.

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  1. JetOrange says:

    I can’t see Flynn being doable with the CAP constraints

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