2013 NFL Draft: Potential First Rounders for the NY Jets

January 3rd, 2013

Mingo and his huge upside could pique the Jets’ interest at #9 overall (Photo: US Presswire)

By Marc Sluis, Staff Writer

The Jets are in a bit of an awkward situation at quarterback with Sanchez, who has clearly lost both the fan base and his once biggest supporter Rex Ryan. Yet with $8.25 million owed to him he is at least going to be one of the highest paid clipboard holders in history.

Do the Jets spend one of their premium picks on a future franchise signal caller even in a weak quarterback class?I’d tend to think they will and should wait until at least round 2 (they have the #39 overall selection) to address it as they are likely to get similar talent at much better value.

Of course the strength of this draft is pass rushers and that is luckily a major position of need. At #9 overall if Jarvis Jones is still available they will likely pounce on the stud from Georgia. If not, Barkevious Mingo, Sam Montgomery or Dion Jordan are likely candidates along with Bjoern Werner and Damontre Moore. However, the latter two are unlikely to last that long and in my opinion are not ideal 3-4 OLB types.


There are many other needs so let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the possible candidates for the first two selections to make their way to the Big Apple.


1st Round (#9 overall):


Best Case Scenario:


Jarvis Jones GEORGIA OLB- Jones’ medical condition (spinal stenosis) could give some teams at the top pause and if so the pass rushing machine would be a great fit in Rex’s hybrid 3-4 defense.


Damontre Moore TEXAS A&M OLB/DE- Moore has soared up big boards with a fantastic 12.5 sack season and projects as either a 4-3 defensive end or 3-4 OLB. He has solid speed and the motor to make plays all over the field.


Most Likely:


Barkevious Mingo LSU OLB- Mingo has struggled at times and therefore not at the same level as Jones. But make no mistake “Kiki” has elite speed and a longer frame that could allow him keep linemen away from if taught the proper technique. He has big time upside.


Dion Jordan OREGONE OLB/DE- Jordan, a former tight end, needs some more bulk but is a superior athlete, with the long arms and balance to develop into an elite edge rusher.


Possible Surprises:


Tyler Wilson ARKANSAS QB- Wilson is a favorite of mine and his arm strength, toughness, leadership and gun-slinger’s mentality could make him Sanchez’s replacement.


Mike Glennon NC STATE QB- Glennon has the prototypical height (6’6) and arm strength of a first round quarterback, but if you ask me he would be incredibly over-drafted at this or any point in round one.


Dee Milliner ALABAMA CB- Yes Darrelle Revis is a perennial All-Pro and Cromartie is no slouch but Revis has only one year left on his deal and if he demands a record breaking contact look for the Jets to potentially unload him in a trade. If so Milliner, the best corner in the draft, could be in play.


Keenan Allen CAL WR- I’m not giving up on Stephen Hill and his massive potential, but pair him with Santonio Holmes (who is too expensive to part ways with) and a talented Allen, and whoever is under center will actually be equipped with a solid arsenal.

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9 Responses to “2013 NFL Draft: Potential First Rounders for the NY Jets”

  1. JetOrange says:

    The memory of Vernon Gholston has yet to fade…The Jets have many holes, but none greater than OLB… Damontrae Moore is the safest pick, Mingo is the best pass rusher but how similar is he to Maybin ?, Dion Jordan can rush the Passer, drop in coverage and may be a better run defender.. so for me its. 1. Moore 2. Jordan 3. Mingo 4. Jones (injury and lack of explosion)…. With all the holes, can the Jets trade down to the late teens or early twenties to obtain an extra second round pick ? Nice values at Safety in the second round

    • MarcS says:

      Yeah, nice points. Jones’ injury and lack of bulk scare me a bit too. If there is a trade partner willing then trading down is a solid option.

      As you mention safety is a position of need and guys like Tony Jefferson (OU), TJ McDonald (USC), Kenny Vaccaro (TEXAS), Sean Williams (GEORGIA) or Matt Elam (FLORIDA) could be great values if they lsat until round 2.

      • JetOrange says:

        I would be doing my Happy Dance if the the jets got one of the listed Safetys in the second round. I think we all agree thatyou draft the best guy, but it is very difficult, with this offense to make your first two picks, defensive players. There is so little talent at the OLB position that the Jets may be phasing their Hybrid defense to a more of a 4-3…Certainly drafting Werner or Moore promotes that type of Defense..

        • MarcS says:

          Werner is definitely more suited for the traditional 4-3 DE, even though some are throwing him around as a possible fit at 3-4 OLB. Another possible option, if they in fact go more 4-3 is taking a guy like Johnathan Hankins. I realize that brings in the “Boom or Bust” factor, but he is 335 lb with the strength to move linemen and the athleticism to pentrate into the backfield.

          I doubt they go that way but I love his potential. If Mingo, Jones, Moore, Werner and Jordan are all gone (unlikely) you could trade down, grab a guy like Jake Matthews and instantly have coverage on either side of the line.

          • JetOrange says:

            Pouha NT may be cut due to Back Injury /Age and CAP. .DeVito is a Free Agent… IMO Kendric Ellis is a better DT than NT… Ellis and Hankins are the same guy, but gives you a massive inside presence… Dunbar would have memories of Minnisota… get an outside guy 3-5 round maybe Devin Taylor ( what happened to that guy ? fell off a cliff, great triangle )

  2. Darryl says:

    Is everybody nuts. Did you see the rb’s and wr’s last year there offense was horrible. It was only partly the OB’s blame. if they pick another d-linemen with that pick I’ll be rooting for anther team.

    • JetOrange says:

      I agree that the RB’s and WR’s were terrible, but the general consenus is that there is absolutely nothing at nine, IMO any WR or RB drafted in the first round is a major reach

    • MarcS says:

      Agreed but WRs like DeAndre Hopkins, Stedman Bailey, Robert Woods, Terrence Williams and Cobi Hamilton are all expected to be there in the mid-late rounds.

      RB available 2nd round and beyond (almost all prospects): Andre Ellington, Leveon Bell, Joseph Randle, Eddie Lacy and maybe even Gio Bernard.

      • JetOrange says:

        Certainly , the players you mentioned , could motivate the Jets to trade down and pick up an extra second or third round pick..

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