2013 NFL Draft: Top 5 Offensive Linemen, Potential NY Jets

January 22nd, 2013

Jonathan Cooper is the athletic Guard that fuels the Tar Heels running game, but could he be due for a position change at the next level? (Photo: US Presswire)

By Marc Sluis, Staff Writer

With the decisions of Tyler Lewan and Jake Matthews to return to school for their senior season one of the 2013 Draft’s strongest positions took a bit of a hit. That being said there are still plenty of quality linemen to do all the dirty work while receiving very little appreciation. I guess that’s why they call them the “Big Uglies”.

The Jets could use a RT and adding another OG wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Here is a look at the best from the guys up front.

1. Luke Joeckel TEXAS A&M (LT)

6’6 310


My #1 overall prospect is perfectly suited to play what has become a premium position, not just on the offensive line, but for the entire offensive side of the ball. With the NFL becoming a contest of who has the best quarterback play, someone who protects his blindside is paramount. Joeckel is a smooth athlete with prototypical size, a fluid backpedal, good technique and was extremely productive against the stiffest of SEC competition.


2. Chance Warmack ALABAMA (OG)

6’3 320


It’s not often you see a true guard prospect crack the top 10 overall list, but Warmack has earned that high praise from Todd McShay and many others. The best offensive line prospect on a team with four future draft picks (including three this year) Warmack is an excellent technician who has the strength to drive defenders off their line. He has also started for both of ‘Bama’s back to back titles.



6’8 305


A late rising prospect who will face a stiff jump in competition going from the MAC to the NFL is now the second best OT prospect. Fisher is long at 6’8 and is laterally mobile enough to play LT, but would be particularly valuable because of his ability to play either tackle spot despite being only 305 lb. An athletic, aggressive player who could really take advantage of Lewan and Matthew’s decision to pull out and jump squarely into the first round mix.


4. Lane Johnson OKLAHOMA (LT)

6’7 305


A former Sooner quarterback and all-around impressive athlete Johnson needs some polishing to reach his potential, but could in time become a stud pass protecting, franchise level left tackle. He has the necessary size at 6’7 305 and that aforementioned coordination gives him the mobility to effortlessly match defenders on the edge. He will need to be taught technique as well as how to utilize leverage and put on some more pounds of muscle, but could really be a steal in this year’s draft.


5. Johnathan Cooper UNC (OG/C)

6’3 295


In evaluating Tar Heels star running back Gio Bernard I think it’s overlooked how talented the group up front is, and Cooper is the best of the bunch. While a tad undersized at just under 300 lb, Cooper has a strong lower body and is truly an elite athlete for an interior linemen. He plays guard for UNC but would be an ideal candidate to move inside to center, where I feel he could be an All-Pro.


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4 Responses to “2013 NFL Draft: Top 5 Offensive Linemen, Potential NY Jets”

  1. JetOrange says:

    Very impressed with Eric Fisher in the Senior Bowl practices. Eric may not be the perfect fit for the Jets, but he is the second tackle on the board and IMO the drop from Fisher is significant. Therefore, I can see theBears trading up from 20 to 9, my Jets receiving the 20th pick a latesecond round and the Bears fourth round pick. The Jets pick Jonathan Coopwr, a very nice OG, for their new West Coast Offense..

    • MarcS says:

      I like the mentioned trade for all sides, but more for the Jets. If they pick up an extra 2nd I’d peg Tyler Eifert, Zach Ertz or Cordarrelle Patterson as incredibly optimistic options for more offensive punch while still having a premium pick for a S, OL, or another OLB/DE which I think they will go with in the 1st round.

      Cooper isn’t a bad option either.

  2. JetOrange says:

    Cordarrelle Patterson WR is a fascinating pick, folks need to remember that Holmes will probably shown the door in 2014…Is Patterson a good fit for Marty’s WCO ?
    The Jet cap prevents them from resigning Keller at TE…. 20 may be a little high for Eifert, but I thnk the Jets can land Ertz with their second round pick …Give Marty and Sanchez tools

  3. JetOrange says:

    Doing a 180… This Draft is so weak for Offensive skill players, take Patterson, Eifert or Ertz as soon as you can

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