2013 NFL Mock Draft: Late Bowl Season Edition

January 6th, 2013

17. Pittsburgh Steelers: Johnathan Banks (CB) MISS ST


A defense in decline and an injured Big Ben were among the reasons the Steelers failed to play in their usual January appearance. Ike Taylor has been enough for the secondary to just barely hold steady, but with him likely leaving this offseason the cornerback position can no longer be ignored. Banks was given the Jim Thorpe Award as the nation’s best defensive back and has the long frame and anticipation to make plays as a zone corner.


18. Dallas Cowboys: Chance Warmack (OG) ALABAMA


No the Cowboys won’t use this pick to anoint a successor to a once again beleaguered Romo, but next year all bets are off. The interior line play was been horrible so taking a guard Todd McShay is calling the best in the last decade would sure things up a bit. Barrett Jones ofAlabamacan play all five offensive line positions so he’ll also be in the mix.


19. New York Giants: Eric Reid (S) LSU


The Giants have one of the best defensive lines in the game, but when they struggle like they did late this year the weak secondary is exposed even more. Reid brings a lot to table and is equally competent making plays in the secondary as he is in run support. It will be extremely tempting to resist adding another potential Jason Pierre-Paul in Ziggy Ansah, but Reid is the safer and probably the more productive player at least right away.


20. Chicago Bears: Eric Fisher (LT) CENTRAL MICHIGAN


It’s no secret Jay Cutler has been unhappy with lack of protection the offensive line has allowed. Although pass protection is vital to any offense Cutler especially benefits from increased time to scan the field and utilize his arm strength to make throws downfield. Fisher has risen dramatically in a short time due to his size (6’7) and footwork.


21. Cincinnati Bengals: Ezekiel Ansah (DE) BYU


The Bengals defensive front has been one of the league’s best, but free agency will hurt its depth. Why not add a versatile athlete with unlimited upside to the rotation. A second impact wide out would be great for the improvement of Andy Dalton, but this year was plenty of nice receiver prospect who will be available later on.


22. St. Louis Rams (from Wash): Justin Hunter (WR) TENNESSEE


Danny Ammendola, Brandon Gibson and Chris Givens have all shown some ability and softened the need for another receiver. Justin Hunter and his combination of size (6’4) and speed (4.4) is too good to pass up. With a better supporting cast Bradford may finally be able to reach his potential.


23. Baltimore Ravens: Matt Elam (S) FLORIDA


The two cornerstones of the vaunted Ravens defense will soon be retired so finding their replacements will be one of the offseason priorities. Ray Lewis has already announced this will be his final season and Ed Reed toys with the idea of retirement every year. Matt Elam plays with similar swagger and can not only cover ground quickly but loves to make the big hit. Alec Ogletree could also be targeted to fill the role of Lewis in the middle.


24. Minnesota Vikings: Cordarrelle Patterson (WR) TENNESSEE


Adrian Peterson is neck and neck with Peyton Manning for the MVP award after a gruesome knee injury last year. The most impressive aspect of his stellar season is that everyone in the stadium knows he’s getting the ball and he still gashes defenses. If the offense can become less one dimensional it will do wonders for Christian Ponder and AD. Patterson burst onto the scene in his first year as a Vol and has fantastic athletic tools with a 6’3 frame and 4.45 speed.



25. Indianapolis Colts: Dion Jordan (OLB/DE) OREGON


Last draft was played terrifically well for the Colts. Not only did they luck into taking one of the best QB prospects arguably ever, but made it a point to surround him with weapons going almost exclusively offense. This go around the defense will be the focus and with Dwight Freeney nearing his end with the team Dion Jordan, who is better suited as a 3-4 OLB than Freeney, could step in and if developed properly become a feared edge rusher.


26. Seattle Seahawks: Kawann Short (DT) PURDUE


The Seahawks are rising fast and their dominant defense is one of the reasons why. On order to maintain that defensive dominance you need to continue to add resources. One of the weaker points is the interior of the defensive line and Short is both strong with the ability to anchor as well as the athleticism and anticipation to shoot the gap and penetrate into the backfield. A WR is also on the wish list.


27. Atlanta Falcons: Alex Okafor (DE) TEXAS


If the Flacons come up short this year many will question their ability to win the big game. Although the Giants tanked this time around, they have shown us that generating pressure on the opposing quarterback is a key ingredient to winning in January. Okafor had a huge game in the Alamo Bowl with a 4.5 sack performance. He isn’t explosive speed wise, but understands how to get to the quarterback by taking proper angles and active hands.


28. San Francisco 49ers: Sylvester Williams (DT) NORTH CAROLINA


The Niners are in a position to use this as a luxury pick. Safety might be a bigger area of concern, but this class is relatively deep in that area. Williams should fit well as a 3-4 DE and even flex to the NT spot on clear passing downs. Creating a pass rush that includes Williams, Aldon Smith and Justin Smith would be incredibly potent.


29. Houston Texans: Robert Woods (WR) USC


The Texans have looked a lot of beatable down the stretch. Wade Phillips’ defense is still very stout but the offense seems to struggle when their bell cow Arian Foster is being stopped. Andre Johnson is one heck of a receiver, but besides Owen Daniels, a decent receiving tight end, there isn’t much for Schuab to look for. Woods isn’t the top ten overall prospect he was touted to be at the start of the year, but he has the speed to be an explosive downfield threat and is a strong and precise route runner all while being 6’1.


30. New England Patriots: Tavon Austin (WR) WEST VIRGINIA


Wes Welker could be playing his last games in a Pats jersey and Belichick usually prefers to bring in unknowns who can provide depth at multiple positions like Julian Edelman or Danny Woodhead. If an all-purpose stud with blazing speed is available that trend might not continue this year.Austinwould be a great fit as the slot receiver Brady so often utilizes and would be a threat out of the backfield, on reverses and returning kicks. That’s the multi-purpose versatility Belichik lives for right?


31. Green Bay Packers: Johnathan Cooper (G/C) NORTH CAROLINA


Without a glaring weakness the Packers could go in a number of different directions this April. The defense could stand to improve but a lot of resources went into that side of the ball in last year’s draft and should start to pay dividends in the near future. Aaron Rodgers and company have put up big numbers in spite of an average at best O-line. Cooper is an outstanding athlete and could be a very solid OG, but if he moves inside to center he could be an All-Pro.


32. Denver Broncos: Alec Ogletree (ILB) GEORGIA


Peyton has looked like Peyton and are the favorite in Vegas to bring home the Lombardi trophy. It turns out the offensive pieces Tebow surged into the playoffs with last year are even better when on the field with a future Hall of Famer. The defense has carried the momentum from last year into this season, but would it be scary if they added a tremendously gifted former 6’3 safety with long arms and speed to the middle linebacker spot that could use a fresh face? Then again giving Peyton an elite TE prospect like Tyler Eifert would be too.

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8 Responses to “2013 NFL Mock Draft: Late Bowl Season Edition”

  1. JetOrange says:

    I can’t see Manti Teo in the top 15. Every receiver drafted in the first round is a major reach IMHO. Werner over Mingo for the Jets, a lot less risk ( Is Maybin, Sapp & Mingo the same guy). The Jets are very sensitive about risk at OLB since Gholston . Werner is a more 4-3 guy, but the Jets Hybrid 3-4, 4-3 is leaning heavily to a more 4-3. Consider Coples & Wilkerson, and the addition of DL coach Karl Dunbar, possibly cutting NT Pouha ( back & CAP)

    • MarcS says:

      I felt that way about Te’o at first, but teams love guys they know will come to work everyday with great effort and leadership. It sounds corny but his intangibles are lmost as valuable as his skills. He hits very hard and can cover ground in run support while exhibiting the athleticism to drop into coverage.

      Mingo is risky, but a freak athlete with big upside. Personally I think Werner is a bit overrated. He lacks prototypical speed.

  2. Mac says:

    The Jets lack leadership and idenity. Te’o would be a great pick if we move down and pick up a 2nd rounder.

    Werner and Mingo both require help, so Wilks/Coples are necessary for either. Mingo was a beast in the bowl game..but will he continue that in week 10-16?

    Drafting is simple..best available player regardless of position. The O-Line is built through drafting..2013 class has some future pro bowlers, so get 1 and move forward. no risk, all reward. Warmack, Lewan, Matthews..

    • MarcS says:

      Not a bad idea. I think finding a trade partner will be tough this year because there is nice depth but no star power worth giving up picks for. If Te’o lasts until #9 (entirely possible) he would be a great addition for the locker room and defense.

      If we trade down and can get a Lewan, Dion Jordan, or even Tyler Eifert that would make sense. To me Jake Matthews who you mentioned would be a terrific fit because he has the size and strength to play LT or RT (where the Jets need help most).

  3. ConnorR says:

    Great draft, really like how you have Dion Jordan at the end of round 1. I think his game doesn’t translate to the NFL as well as everyone is projecting (not a top 15 pick). A lot of teams need secondary help but this draft is lacking talent in that area. Curious to see when the top corners and safeties come off the board.

    • MarcS says:

      Thanks! Yeah I don’t think Jordan will handle the increased physicality as easily as some do. He is a terrific athlete with long arms but I see much more potential than clear traits that will transfer to production.

      You’re right about the secondary, I actually like the depth and some of the guys lower on the board. I think guys like Bradley Roby of Ohio St and Jason Verrett are being slept on, and IF they come out could really surprise some people.

  4. russell easterbrooks says:

    The Pats are not high on Austin, they like WR DeAndre Hopkins, WR Hamilton, Patton,and Conner Vernon.
    But they will trade back, this 1st pick with Dallas, Tampa?? for a 2nd, 4th, and 4th next year.

    • MarcS says:

      They could definitely use another WR (I like Hamilton because I think he’s undervalued) but the slot position is what they will need to fill if Welker leaves.

      Austin is versatile and a prototypical all purpose athlete who would be best cast as a slot receiver. Vernon and Patton could satisfy the slot position but Hamilton and Hopkins are bigger and more suited as a traditional X receiver.

      Did someone report that the Pats aren’t interested in Austin? I wouldn’t be surprised as Belichik looks for value and would like to avoid using a 1st rounder on something he could pick up later. However, I haven’t heard anyone confirm whether or not they like Austin.

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