Why Jerry Angelo is a Logical Choice for the Jets GM Job

January 14th, 2013
Jerry Angelo

Jerry Angelo makes plenty of sense for the Jets at this point. (Photo: US Presswire)

By Ryan Alfieri, Editor

The Jets are taking their sweet time in their extensive search for Mike Tannenbaum’s successor as general manager, as they have expanded their search to include Jerry Angelo.

Angelo was fired from the Bears a few seasons ago, but for what the Jets are looking for in a GM, Angelo is a sensible candidate, if not a particularly exciting one.

The fact that Woody Johnson insists that Rex remain coach next year makes the Jets job less attractive for young, first-time GM candidates. Why? Because GM’s rarely get a second chance, unlike coaches, who may sometimes get a second opportunity. The fact is, GMs have slightly better job security than coaches and the good ones can sick around for decades.

Jerry Angelo had his faults running the Bears, as his inability to have a liable backup quarterback and a porous offensive line eventually cost him his job in Chicago, but he was able to field a team talented enough to go to a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman as quarterback.

He made the gutsy trade for Jay Cutler, hired Lovie Smith, drafted Matt Forte and actually got his money’s worth with the big signing of Julius Peppers. Even though they did not make the postseason this year, the Bears won 10 games with a roster that was mostly constructed by Angelo.

In truth, his firing was premature, especially considering that it followed a season in which their starting quarterback missed considerable playing time and the team was coming off a season in which they went to the NFC Championship game (in which Cutler infamously missed half of the game).

The problem with hiring a man like Angelo is that it does not give a franchise a short-term jolt that a younger GM would, just because you know what you are going to get with Angelo.

However, the Jets are in desperate need of stability and experience of winning in the personnel department. Angelo may not be the hottest name on the market, but he would jump at a second chance to be a general manager and keep Rex as long as Woody wants.

This is not to say that Angelo should be the Jets GM, but he should get plenty of consideration because of his experience in the position.

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One Response to “Why Jerry Angelo is a Logical Choice for the Jets GM Job”

  1. JetOrange says:

    I do not know Jerry Angelo, but my understanding is that he knows personnel and he understands the business well enough to work with Rex but not let Rex run amok…. The jets need a strong GM that can make rational decisions and have a strategic vision, overcoming the severe shortcomings of their Head Coach. I like the fact that Jerry takes prudent risks…

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