2013 NFL Draft: Potential Jets Position Primer (QB)

February 13th, 2013

Landry Jones never lived up to his potential at OU, but has the tools to be a quality NFL starter (Photo: US Presswire)

By Marc Sluis, Staff Writer

With the Jets’ first round selection being, and rightly so, booked for a DE/OLB (Moore, Mingo, Jones, Ansah) the draft prospectus for Gang Green looks to be broken into three categories: 2nd round, mid rounds 3-5, and the late round fliers. I’ll feature every position and the best prospects that fall into each category.

We’ll start with the QB position.

It’s clear the Jets quarterback situation could be ever more awkward this year, if that’s in fact possible. Sanchez has lost the support of everyone including his staunch defender Rex Ryan, but due to a horrendous contract there is simply nowhere he can go. Will he start, get first team reps or will a new face or even Greg McElroy take the helm? It’s not out of the question the Jets consider moving down to take a QB, but it looks like there will be a successor taken at some point. Here are the best options for each draft “zone”.

 2nd Round:


Tyler Wilson ARKANSAS

Wilson has the intangibles a quarterback needs to thrive like toughness, leadership and intense competitiveness, the latter often being overlooked. However, it’s key to guys like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady and drives their passion for excellence. Wilson will fire up teammates or give them an earful if that’s what is needed. At an acceptable 6’3Wilson is nowhere near the decision maker you’d like at this point and his mechanics are less than solid, but with a strong arm, underrated mobility the former Razorback can stand firm in the pocket and rip it downfield. He has some work to do from a development standpoint but the strong foundation of intangibles and athletic tools are there.


Mid Rounder


Landry Jones OKLAHOMA

This might seem like the ultimate compliment now, but Jones reminds me at least in some ways of Joe Flacco. They both have that easy, almost emotionless demeanor with big arms and good height that make them more traditional pocket passing types. The similarities are more about their perception as that “Joe Cool” vibe can be seen as poised or disinterested depending on how you look at it but nobody questions their arm, height and intelligence. Jones could be a solid starter down the road, something many believed he would be after taking over for Sam Bradford as a sophomore. His consistency isn’t always there and his mobility is far from stellar, but as a mid round selection he what you need in height, arm strength and maturity


Late Round Flier:


Brad Sorensen S UTAH

As an FCS quarterback you need the something to stand out as a pro prospect. Sorensen isn’t flashy but has a big time arm, quick release and the height and bulk to withstand the physical NFL. He is not a finished product and while his upside is pretty solid for a late rounder he lacks the athleticism to make defenses pay when they play man coverage and still bring the house. With a decent amount of attention for a small school guy this offseason he didn’t do much to elevate his status, except landing in a notoriously weak QB class.

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