Dion Jordan vs. Barkevious Mingo: What’s the Difference?

February 25th, 2013
Dion Jordan

What separates Dion Jordan from Barkevious Mingo? (Photo: US Presswire)

By Ryan Alfieri, Editor

The more and more we look at this year’s draft class and how is corrolates’ to the Jets’ needs, the more and more it look like the Jets will take an outside linebacker with their ninth-overall selection in April.

Two of the top candidates for the selection are Oragon’s Dion Jordan and LSU’s Barkevious Mingo. Both are similar players from a measurebales standpoint and would both give the Jets’ a much needed dimension of speed and athleticism, so what is it exactly that separates these two as prospects?

Flexibility: One of the biggest differences I see between the two is flexibility. Both players show the ability to “dip” around offensive tackles, but Jordan is much better in his ability to control his lower body movements. Mingo is a bit more reliant on his burst and ability to beat offensive tackle before they have a chance to get set.

This advantage allows Jordan to be better in coverage and more elusive on the edge.

Edge: Dion Jordan


Play in space: What makes Jordan one of the most coveted defensive prospects in this year’s draft is just how well he can play in coverage, which is becoming more and more important in today’s age of multiple defensive fronts (which is what the Jets use).

Mingo can certainly make the conversion, especially at his size, but he still has to actually prove he can do it. At one point, Jordan was being used to cover slot receivers; Mingo still has yet to learn how to drop and cover a flat.

Edge: Dion Jordan


Size and Length: Jordan only has a slight edge over Mingo in terms of arm length (33.78 vs. 33.68) but he stands a full three inches taller than Mingo at 6’6″. Both prospects are a bit undersized, with Jordan weighing in at 248 and Mingo at 240, but this added height could allow Jordan to better use his leverage.

Edge: Dion Jordan


Burst: Next to Bjoern Werner, Barkevious Mingo has as much burst as any prospect in this draft. His game is predicated on speed and dipping around tackles to apply pressure. In fact, he is so quick in the backfield that he is able to play run defense by simply getting into the backfield as fast as possible.

Jordan has good burst, but it is not as sudden as Mingo’s. Instead, Jordan also has more responsibilities in coverage and has a better all-around game.

Edge: Barkevious Mingo


Hand Use: Both players can use their hands effectively to some extent, but Jordan is better at using his length to seperate himself from blockers. Mingo, on the other hand, allows himself to get too engaged in the run game and can be a liability in that area if he does not get a good push with his burst.

Edge: Dion Jordan

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2 Responses to “Dion Jordan vs. Barkevious Mingo: What’s the Difference?”

  1. JetOrange says:

    Every Jet Fan needs to read this analysis, getting either one of these guys would be huge for this Franchise. I am a big trade down guy, but if one of these two guys are available, the Jets run to the podium. I can’t add to much, they are both smart instinctive players, they both get blown off the ball from time to time, but both have huge upsides. Love the way Jorden uses his hands, and it’s hard to believe that a 6’6 guy is that good in coverage, but he is, Mingo is all about burst, and he’s got it, functioned okay in a dysfunctional LSU locker room.
    Folks always overeact to combine results, but the combine may have put Mingo and Jordan out of reach for the Jets. Not only did they have superb preformances, but Damonte Moore fell off a cliff, Werner looked a little stiff , Lotulelei and Jarvis Jones could have some serious medical concerns. Jordan has shoulder surgery coming up, hopefully it scares a couple of teams off, I don’t think so…

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