Scouting Notes: Dion Jordan vs. USC

February 16th, 2013
Dion Jordan

Is Dion Jordan worth of a top-10 selection? (Photo: US Presswire)

By Ryan Alfieri, Editor

There is little doubt that the Jets will be in the market for a new stud outside linebacker this offseason, and plenty should be available when the Jets pick 9th overall in April.

One of the most popular players being mocked to the Jets is Oregon’s Dion Jordan, who is more known for his athleticism and versatility than being a brute power rusher. Originally recruited as a tight end to Oregon, Jordan has a lot of upside and brings an element of speed the Jets desperately need out of the linebacker position.

Click below for detailed, first-hand scouting notes of Dion Jordan vs. USC.

- Uses hands to disengage blockers.
- Lines up standing up, asked to play contain instead of rush.
- Has some trouble anchoring vs. run, too reliant on upper body strength.
- Very quick off the line, follows up with a  nice dip underneath tackle.
- Follows up with the same move, leaves the tackle standing still and records a hit.
- Does not seem to favor any inside rush moves – keeping everything outside.
- Very fast off the line when he knows he is rushing the passer.
-  Uses his hands well – does not get caught with in a tangle with the lineman.
-  Fights through traffic to keep sight of the ball.
- Very fluid, natural mover in space. Reads quarterback well and shows good lateral movement.
-  Continues to show good burst, but he lacks any kind of counter-move inside. Consistently tries to engage tackle, and release outside.
- Lines up in the slot covering receiver.
- Shows consistent effort, running out every play.
Positives: This game was a show for Jordan’s athleticism and speed. He did not have a huge impact on the stat sheet, but USC’s offense prevented him from getting sacks and his presence was clearly felt. He used his hands well and flashed an excellent “dip” move on more than one occasion.

One of the most impressive aspects of his game was how well he played in space. He was trusted to cover a slot receiver on one play (it was a running play) and appears to have no problem standing up or putting his hand in the dirt.


Negatives: My biggest issue with Jordan is that he is a bit of a one-trick pony when it comes to rushing the passer. he is heavily reliant on his speed and burst, and tries to run around the tackle on just about every play. In this game, I did no see Jordan counter inside once, which is surprising considering that the tackle was improving against his outside rush as the game went on.

Unlike athleticism and speed, this is a coachable aspect, but for a top-ten pick, you would like to see more polish than what Jordan showed in this game rushing the passer.


Summary: This was a solid performance by Jordan, even if the stats don’t show it, but it does not change one’s opinion of him much. He flashed athleticism and speed, but he was not a dominant rusher you would expect from a potential top-10 pick.


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One Response to “Scouting Notes: Dion Jordan vs. USC”

  1. JetOrange says:

    I believe there is an injury factor (Torn Labrium ?) which may effect is draft status. Excellent write up. At 6’6 the guy is pretty good in coverage. IMO you play him on the strong side over the TE

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