B.W. Webb Scouting Report

March 30th, 2013
B.W. Webb

(Photo: US Presswire)

Prospect:  B.W Webb, Cornerback, William & Mary
Height: 5’10
Weight: 184 lbs
Grade: 7.2 (Grading Scale)

Combine Notables:
40 time- 4.51
Top Performer in-  Vertical Jump (40.5 in), Broad Jump (132 in), 20 Yard Shuttle (3.84 sec), 60 Yard Shuttle (11.06)


Scouting Report:

 While he’s not big, he’s a decently long athlete with a smooth frame
+  Very good leaping ability shown in games and at the Combine
-  Not remarkably fast, especially with his lateral speed
+  Very quick vertically when closing, good straight line speed
+  Recovery speed is more impressive than his overall speed

Coverage Skills/Tactics
+/-  Pure instincts seem to rely more on play recognition
+  Shows ability to latch on to bigger receivers without getting overly physical
+/-  Up to the person, but coverage skills are more scrappy than they are polished (can be either good or bad, depending on his future scheme and role)
+  Not susceptible to double moves, doesn’t let his instincts take over his positioning
-  Rarely asked to press receivers, but loses positioning when he does; takes false steps that lose him leverage when pressing
+/-  Hips become very fluid when he’s in full stride, but his actual stance and backpedal lock them up a bit
-  Initial stance is a little too square, and doesn’t loosen up enough when he backpedals, either
-  Feet are slower than desired when moving laterally, which makes him less effective in generally more complicated routes
-  Backpedal is slightly too choppy and high
+  Excellent technique defending passes where he has good coverage; he goes for the pass deflection or scraps for the ball
+  Never loses leverage on receivers downfield; he’d rather run with a receiver and cause an incompletion than gambling by going only for the ball
+/-  His work is close-quarters with receivers is absolutely lock-down, but so good that he might even get his arms in on receivers too early (might draw more penalties in NFL than he dealt with in college)
+  Most telling detail: was hardly targeted at all in 2012, even if it was some poor competition

Ball Skills
+  Due to consistently good positioning and deep speed, he’s rarely found playing the man and not the ball
+  Has a real nose for the football, proven by his nation-leading 8 interceptions in his redshirt freshman year (interceptions went down because teams stopped trying to throw on him)
+  Consistently great ball location in the air, resulting in his 30 pass deflections in his collegiate career
+  Reads the ball very well in the air so that he’s never in need of slowing down/speeding up
+  Despite height, leaping ability and tracking of the ball will never leave him in a position where he can’t strongly contest a jump ball

Run Support/Tackling
 Shedding blocks isn’t really apart of his game, though his play recognition is good enough where he can read the play and avoid blocks/go around them
+  Doesn’t overpursue plays or the ballcarrier
+  Approaches the runner accordingly, while being careful not to lock his hips for quicker runners
-  Efficient blocking receivers or tight ends my be able to knock him out of the play early, since he’s a weaker corner who doesn’t shed blocks
+  In general, tackling is solid; shows ability to break down and wrap up with appropriate aggression
-  At times, he’ll tackle quicker receivers or backs to low, when he can effectively wrap up instead
+  Closing speed on a ballcarrier is impressive, yet also pulls up accordinly and doesn’t overpursue
=  Hasn’t shown anything as a blitzer, though his body control and closing speed would indicate he could be effective when asked to
+  Packs a nice punch when tackling at his best, forced a fumble last year

Returning Ability
+  Won’t dance too much; very uphill or one direction return man
+  Depends highly on his top-tier acceleration and quickness
+  Wastes little movement or steps; makes people miss more with quickness than moves
-  Has poor and impatient vision as a return man, therefore relying too much on his speed
+  Sometimes shows poor judgement and awareness as a return man

+  Effort is always out there and noticeable
+  Will always go for the smart deflection or play on the ball in coverage, and won’t stupidly gamble
+  Always willing to take on swing blocks or pulling lineman if it means freeing up tackling lanes for his teammates
+  Four-year starter

For a guy that most don’t seem to be consider in the first two days of the NFL Draft, B.W Webb is a shockingly polished corner prospect.  Arguably the top prospect from a definite small school, Webb has only a select few weaknesses, and they’re all similar in category.

Webb isn’t just an upside mid-round pick.  I think his tape shows a player that already has a weaponry of NFL-ready tools.  Webb was almost totally avoided by opposing offenses in 2012, but he still managed to show up with his work in the run game and shutdown ability.  Webb is a type of corner that, if developed correctly, could be the player teams send out to single handedly manage all game long.

It will be interesting to see how Webb handles the speed of the NFL.  Speed isn’t an issue in his game, but quicker receivers might give the mediocre foot speed and lateral movement of his some difficulties.  Yet, Webb could be a dominant corner if just given the right situation.  If he could follow a specific receiver around all game, or play in a Cover 3-heavy defensive scheme, Webb could really evolve further as a young player.  With already stellar abilities in locking down receivers who won’t beat him with quickness, Webb is set up for success sooner than later in the NFL, no matter where he goes.  The catch with Webb?  Receivers won’t take advantage of him with their crisp route running, because he’s clearly a film junkie, with a knack for flowing with receivers, despite his subpar pure instincts in coverage.

In all honesty, we could see B.W Webb go higher than Robert Alford, another small school corner who’s thought highly of in the consensus.  Teams will really love seeing how he’s perfectly physical with opposing receivers, and how his athleticism goes hand in hand with his top-notch ball skills.  Watch out for the former William & Mary star to shock some and go earlier than expected, like the early third round.

Scouting Notes:

Vs Maryland:
-Approaches RB accordingly, sidesteps lead blocker, tackle from behind
-Lost a step on in route by WR, but recovers easily and highpoints the ball effortlessly
-First time he’s been excluded from a play is because of his inability to shed, was pushed downfield from the start

Vs Lafayette:
-Makes great read on the quarterback, jumps in to deflect the short pass before the throw was even being delivered
-Another good positioning play when he sees the play before it happens, and deflects ball (though he got his left hand in the receivers grill a bit early)
-Poor judgement on a kick return, as he takes it out about five-six yards deep with unprepared blockers
-Read the option fake, quickly disengaged with WR, and effectively held the edge
-Was hardly challenged downfield this game vs a very limited offense

Senior Bowl Practice/Game cut-ups:
-Instinctive on the double move fake, doesn’t bite too hard on either try
-Loses considerable speed vs Terrance Williams when asked to press
-Nice reaction to step up on bubble screen (to D. Robinson) from deep man, but goes low and gets shrugged off

-Very nice return when he only had to outrun his blocks to the edge
-Wasn’t targeted (besides broken plays) once during the game, despite having his struggles with Patton, Sheppard, and Terrance Williams at times during 1 on 1’s in the practice week

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