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2013 NFL Draft: All Purpose Prospects

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey make West Virginia better every time they touch the ball (Photo: US Presswire)


By Marc Sluis, Staff Writer

Football, and really sports in general, has become more and more specialized with a particular trait being valued over a traditional or well-rounded skill-set. You know that modernization is taking place when a guy like Bruce Irvin, openly selected as a purely situational player, maybe even on the field for third down only, goes in the first round.


The following list is a group of players you might here termed as “athletes” or “hybrids” suggesting that they either don’t fit in one category or they are skilled enough to be effective in several. Actually, a lot of these guys could be so-called specialists or valued because of a solitary skill-set; but their versatility comes from the fact that they can line up at various positions or areas of the field in order to take advantage of that unique ability. For the purposes of this article I’ll sort them to two categories: All-Purpose Prizes and Multi-Positional Powers.

Rankings are based on a combination of overall talent/value and versatility (50/50 ratio).


All-Purpose Prizes (AP)


They might be undersized, but they rack up enough yards to tower over opponents on the stat sheet. These are the return-men, running backs and slot receivers who can be termed as multi-purpose threats.


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