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2013 NFL Draft: Multi-Positional Prospects

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Jordan Reed offers Aaron Hernadez-like versatility for the Gators (Photo: US Presswire)


By Marc Sluis, Staff Writer

Call them adaptable or in some cases ‘tweener, but these guys can line up at multiple positions and give coordinators schematic versatility. Some are defenders who have the athleticism of one position but the body of another or simply talented enough to be effective at several positions. Positional versatility is a highly valued trait, just ask Bill Belichick. The future Hall of Fame coach loves guys that he can slot at several areas on the field and is known for playing wide receivers at corner or defensive tackles at fullback. Wide receiver Troy Brown, with almost no defensive experience, famously show action as a cornerback in crucial games and recently guys like Julian Edelman and Aaron Hernandez have been used in a variety of ways.


 1. Barrett Jones ALABAMA 6’5 311

Possible Positions: G, C, T


Jones has not only been a blocked for two different Heisman candidates (one winner), but has played at virtually every possible spot on those dominating Bama lines. Jones isn’t a can’t miss prospects at any of those spots specifically, but given that he can more than productive enough at all of them he has tremendous value.


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