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Current General Manager Candidates for the New York Jets

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013
Woody Johnson

Owner Woody Johnson has plenty of work to do in his search for a new GM. (Photo: US Presswire)

By Ryan Alfieri, Editor

Now that Mike Tannenbaum has officially been fired, the Jets now focus their attention to finding a new GM to fix the current mess of a roster they have.

Woody Johnson has hired Jed Hughes’ search firm to find the right guy. So far, they have requested to interview the following candidates (via ESPN): 49ers director of player personnel Tom Gamble, Giants director of college scouting Marc Ross and Falcons director of player personnel Dave Caldwell. They have will also interview Scott Cohen, the Jets assistant GM.

Here is a background of each candidate and how they fit with the Jets:


Has Mike Tannenbaum Really Done that Bad of a Job?

Saturday, November 17th, 2012
Mike Tannenbaum

Mike Tannenbaum’s Jets are not lacking talent as many perceive. (Photo: US Presswire)

By Ryan Alfieri, Editor

With the Jets in a downward spiral at 3-6 an in the middle of an alleged locker room dispute, it is becoming more and more popular to go after the Jets’ embattled GM Mike Tannenbaum as the core of the Jets issues.

It is apparent that the Jets are an under-manned team on the offensive side of the ball, starting at the skill positions. The team’s lack of depth has been exposed by injuries at the receiver position and Tannenbaum’s hand-picked quarterback has not been able to pick up the slack, despite being in his fourth year.

On the surface, this would make Tannenbaum look bad, but is he taking too much heat for the Jets woes?


New York Jets: Mike Tannenbaum’s Draft Failures Doomed Jets

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012
Mike Tannenbaum

(Photo: US Presswire)

By Ryan Alfieri

Some may discount the notion of a “window” to win, but there is now doubt the Jets had their best chance to win a championship in the Rex Ryan era with the 2010 squad.

The team was comprised with draft successes from Tannenbaum’s early days and a few key free agent signings from the past few years. Outside of quarterback and maybe outside linebacker, this team was as complete as any team in the NFL, and boasted the league’s best defensive player.

Just two years later, how have things turned so sour?


Jets Draft History: How Much of the Jets’ Roster is Built Through the Draft?

Friday, July 6th, 2012
Mike Tannenbaum

Photo: US Presswire

By Ryan Alfieri, Editor

It is an old adage in the NFL that the most successful teams in the long-run are able to stock their roster year after year through the draft. In a lot of ways, this theory of team building makes sense, especially with the new rookie wage scale; younger players are cheaper, improve with time, and tend to have superior physical attributes to their aging veteran counterparts.

While last season’s collapse is may not reflect it, the Jets have enjoyed some of their best seasons in franchise history under general manager Mike Tannenbaum’s watch, being just a half of football away from a Super Bowl berth on more than one occasion.

However, taking a look at the Jets’ roster, have they been able to re-load through the draft, or have they been too reliant on free agency to solve their issues?


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